New Kid on the Block (aka 1st Post Ever!)


Not sure if they allow cussing on here because at times I just say what comes to mind without filtering it.

I joke with my publisher All Authors Publishing House that they should have a PR ER kit on standby. PR= Public Relations, ER kit= Emergency Kit. I don’t sugarcoat and I’m not politically correct.

My name may look a bit tricky to pronounce; let me see if I can help:

Da’= like “duh”
Khar= like “car”
ta= like…well, “ta”

Rising is how it looks.

If this is still too much of a challenge for you, then you are permitted to address me as:

1. “D”
2. “Kar”
3. “DR”

If you call me by the ones below you are guaranteed to get ignored (or some side eye):

1. “Da Da” (Do I look like your daddy?)
2. “Ta Ta” (Do I look like a titty?)
3. “Mrs. Rising” (I’m a female yes but it makes me sound hella old.)

And last but definitely not least:

4. “Rising”

I have a thing about people addressing me just by my last name—whether it is vocally or by e-mail.

I wouldn’t address you by just your last name. If I know your first name, I use it. If I don’t, I will use a salutation and a last name but never just your last name.

Not that the rules are in play, let’s talk.



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