Keep YOUR Marketing Ploy OUT of Someone Else’s Spotlight

I just saw something recently that made me want to spit shine my sickle.

Just recently, All Authors announced the first recipient of the All Authors Certificate of Excellence award. I like to see when people do well, when a person actually is recognized and truly earns stuff.

That award was given to Jazz Baby. Have I ever read the book? No. But the fact that so many people have given rave reviews on this work makes me want to check it out (and borrow someone’s copy..he he he).

ShadyRihannaClapAny way, as soon as the announcement was made, it didn’t take long for someone to water down the spotlight with his own marketing piss.

I hate to make this thing so graphic but think of it like this:

Let’s say you won an award for something. The last thing you want to hear is someone clapping and being like, “How can I get that?”

Like All Authors handing out free certificates and seals just because! Seriously, WTF?

So this existence of flesh who has lost all touch with reality comes on and says “Congrats” followed by “How can I get considered?”

I’m like, “Why can’t this flaming pile of horse feces just congratulate one author without trying to make himself seem like he’s on the same caliber or better than the guy who just got the distinction?”

ChapelleSTFUDisingenuous dipwad!

Clap and STFU!

I’m just going to put it like this: If you do good work and it’s put in front of the right people your spotlight will come right on time.

What makes this individual seem like an uncaring self-serving prick who causes shame in the writing game is what they call in some parts of the south “begging ass mofos”.

In other words:
(1) Always talking about you’re the best rather than just acting like the best
(2) Always chiming in on how you can do something better rather than giving kudos to someone who has accomplished what you are setting out to do
(3) Acting like you are entitled to something and ordaining yourself as something great when you are only one-eighth of the corner of being mediocre
(4) Not knowing the time to congratulate and the time to state your case

One doesn’t have to beg for what is deserved. He should wait his turn, Instead of acting like some desperate chic in the club getting in front of a dude and his boys waiting to get noticed.

This doesn’t just go for him but anyone else who is doing this passive aggressive stuff. It won’t gather you sales; it will just remind people of the type of character you really are.



Say it With Your Chest

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