Tumbling Down the Weird Hole of Present Tense


Hello, it’s your favorite slightly social anti-socialite DR, crawling out of the darkness to share some news.

A little while ago, a short story came to me. Not sure whether it had to do with the scissors I couldn’t quite put together again or discovering one of my favorite tank tops could no longer fit.

Confounded changes! With that tuft of aggravation, I started to write. What was even more confounding was the tense used in the story.

Present tense? Where in the hell did THAT come from? I started to go through and change everything to past tense but wanted to get a second opinion on it. So I let my publisher take a look see and they were like, “Nothing wrong with doing something a little different.”

Easy for them to say. They aren’t taken out of their element. However, since they are cool (*cough* psychotic *cough*) enough to represent me, I suppose I will let them get the win with this one and not argue.

The story “Unrest” will be part of a short story collection entitled Continuous Drips. You won’t just see my dark tales but some of that smushy (read: romance, love, light erotica) stuff from fellow writer Synful Desire as well as some stories from my mentor Queen of Spades.

Exciting times are up ahead. If I’m feeling social enough to do so, I may even share some excerpts and some pictures.

Stay tuned.



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