The Ink is Loose! Continuous Drips NOW Available!


Ring the alarm! No, I’m not Beyonce but I do warrant some attention. Continuous Drips has been officially released and available at Amazon.

Unfortunately, it’s not available as a paperback yet but that will be remedied (as I’m told) in early 2015. So hardcore paperback junkies, do not lose heart!

Before I revealed my adventure in present tense with Unrest. Today, I want to talk about the short story that I dig the most.

GrinningThe story that makes my sickle shine with pride is “The Kutters.”

It’s not because The Kutters is the longest of my short stories (although it is).

Mainly it is because although it has some darkness with it, there are parts that a reader as well as a fellow author can relate to.

Let me clarify. To the reader, have you ever wanted a different ending to a story that you’ve read? You’re not convinced that the way the author designed it was quite right?

To a fellow author, do you have moments when your characters chat with you, prod at you, even scream at you?

But what if there’s a moment when not only the readers want a change but the characters demand it as well?

That’s the scenario that unfolds in “The Kutters” with author Jonas Rowen. In his attempt to break away from the fame of “The Kutters”, Jonas’ writing career is in jeopardy. The only solution his literary agent Nora Gavenchy can come up with is giving a revamp of The Kutters in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

“The Kutters” will make you think, will make you laugh, and make you look over your shoulder to make sure none of your characters have come to life.

Definitely check it out, along with my other two stories, “Unrest” and “Omitted”.



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