Change, I Grudgingly Admint, Can Be Good


SASS Here. (SASS= Slight Anti-Social Socialite) Whoa! I’m using acronyms now: watch out!

I’m taking a quick break from sharpening my knives to make a confession.

Change can be good.

I was very reluctant to get on either the Blogger or WordPress bandwagon. Then, my publisher set me aside and we had “the talk”. No, it wasn’t one of these “you’ve got to do it or else deals”. Rather, it was breaking down the pros and the cons of the situation. I dig logic and if one outweighs the other, then I can’t do too much debating.

However, the one thing which was causing me angst, “Well, how do I know if the design will work?”

Answer, “You will just know what’s best.”

WTF kind of answer is that?

Well, feeling like I was floating on a clothesline with no pin to hold me, I kind of walked off a bit moodier than usual. Then Queen checked up on me to see how I was doing. I broke down (in a bit more colorful language than I will use here) about the situation, and Queen was like, “Just take it step by step. Find colors and elements that you like and find a template that you can make resemble it.”

Well, why couldn’t that had been said before?

The end result is what you see here. There was some technical stuff that Queen and my publisher had to assist me with but the majority is yours truly.

I’m as close to joy as I will get … this is me you’re talking about.

So thanks to All Authors Publishing House for their persuasion and to Queen for her guidance.



2 thoughts on “Change, I Grudgingly Admint, Can Be Good

  1. See Sis I knew you’d like it over here. I really love what you did with the place and I’m so so so proud of you! I don’t care if you give me side eye I’m hugging you anyway! (((HUGS)))))


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