Rising Ramblings





I’m not here to talk about one of my past projects or even a future one. Just something I want to ramble about.

With each and every passing day I’m convinced that folks don’t read for shit. (I never said my site was going to be rated G and there’s worse things I can put on here than shit.)

For example, a fellow author put out a call to see if some people were interested in hosting his cover reveal. This is what I comprehend:

  • Hosting is a place where you have an event.
  • Cover (as it relates to the writing world) means book cover.
  • Reveal means one is showing it to the world, and usually when one is doing a cover reveal, it is before one is showing it anywhere else, like Goodreads and the like.

Yet, during this reach out, I saw some of the most absurd replies like:

“Right on brother! We all need to support each other.”

“Do you need a blog to host?”

“What does this type of thing entail?”

To the first reply, what in the hell did that have to do with whether you are participating  or not? Yes, it is a nice sentiment. Even I agree to some degree (but the some degree bit we will talk about in another post) but that was not the time or the thread to make it known.

To the second reply, that is like asking do you need a heart to pump blood. (I will just let that marinate.)

To the third reply, it seems self explanatory to me. It is even worse when the person who asked the question has done that type of thing on his blog before for his own books as well as others. Does he just blindly  do shit without having any clue what to call it? Just saying …

The author asking for takers is better than me.

JudgeJudyIf I have to clarify already simple instructions beforehand, I already sense a migraine coming on the day of said event. I’d rather not deal with the hassle. If you are not smart enough to read, then I may need to second guess  whether you are needed in my marketing arsenal or networking circle.

Oh well. No one said patience was my best virtue.



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