Pushing the Envelope

Imagine me, minus the smile.

Imagine me, minus the smile.

Man I’ve written more over here since I’ve opened than I have the entire time on Goodreads. Maybe it is because I have more of an open forum. Perhaps it is because I dig the whole design aspect. Whatever the case, I’m a bit more social lately.

BoredAsHellConfession: I am so bored with what is out in literature these days. At times, I can almost predict with some stories what is going to happen next. Do writers really want to reveal everything blow-by-blow, or has reading comprehension gotten so minimal that everything has to be dumbed down?

I still want to put twists in everything I write. Even if some of them have been used before, I want to present them in a way that is still unexpected. Yes it will be a challenge but I like those. There are too many in the world that want certain things (particularly writing) to come easily.

Not everyone is going to be famous in this aspect. Writing is like the composition of a classroom. You have the top ten percent (no matter what they do, stuff seems to always click). You have the bottom ten percent (who just kind of suck at life and the environment isn’t suited for them). Yet most are in the very middle: not very terrible but need a bit of polish to get where they need to be.

I’m not saying I’m better that whipped garlic mashed potatoes but compared to some people who can call themselves “published authors”, I can definitely state I’m better than some of this cube steak trying to pass itself off as a prime cut of beef.

Yet my writes come in spurts and my publisher is hungry for new independent material. I told them Dark Quill will be my masterpiece so they just have to be patient but I’m more than happy to deliver some morsels until I get DQ where it needs to be.

So … to motivate me further, my publisher gave me a goal to come out with three new short stories for twenty fifteen. I have one schematic in mind but it does go in the “taboo” category. I ran it by them this morning and waited for the rejection …

There was silence for a moment. In my experiences, silence and rejection are equal.

Then my publisher is like, “I think I know where you are headed, but as long as we put a disclaimer at the very beginning, I see no reason why we can’t put it out.”

ExcitedFatGuyGTFOH! I thought I was having a wet dream. I scraped myself with my nail and sure enough, it was real.

Pushing the envelope, here I come! It’s twisted enough to be something for Valentine’s Day. I’ll give it a shot but the clock’s ticking.

Guess I better stop talking to you guys and get started.



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