11 Reasons Why You Should Grab Concordant Vibrancy


Hello. By now you probably know that Concordant Vibrancy is out! Just in case you are still on the fence, here are eleven reasons why you should add it to your Kindle or bookshelf.

In no particular order because all of these are pretty important … but that’s just me.

11 Reasons Why You Should GTDB
(Grab The Damn Book)

in my Samuel L. Jackson voice


11. I’m in it.

10. There is a little bit of something for everyone. Want comedy? Check our Desire and Rose. Want horror? Take a look at A. Lopez. Digging some erotica? Andrea Houtsch’s “Touch Me” is the ticket. Even something that tugs at the heart, there’s Harmony Kent’s “Seven Days”. Like I said, a buffet of genres!

9. All Authors Publishing House’s Adonis Mann makes his writing debut.

8. The “Unity” theme is pretty refreshing in an arena where there is such stiff competition. #TeamAppeal (getting my #Hashtag on; Desire, this will not #BeAThing)

7. The tree and leaves theme which tie in to the Concordant Vibrancy concept is pretty bad ass.

6. Even though the cover is bright (you know I’m a black and red chic myself), I can’t hate too much! The design is superb!


5. There are some poetic introductions in the book that haven’t been seen anywhere else written by Author Queen of Spades. So you get new poetry and a new story from her!

4. I’m in it. (Wait, did I say that already?) Even if I did, it is worthy of repeating.

3. Book trailer: #HotShyt #PauseAndWatch

2. This is a great value, no matter how you slice it. $3.99 for Kindle, $9.79 for paperback if you get it from Amazon. If one was to divide this by the number of authors, that would amount to about thirty six cents an author (Kindle) and eighty nine cents an author (paperback). You can’t even get a item off the dollar menu for that much and think of it this way: your brain will get better nutrients that you’d get at a fast food place.

1. There are some pretty terrific talents in this short story anthology and I’m not just talking about me.

So if you are still reading this post and haven’t gotten the book yet, you have already been here entirely too long!


P.S. By the way, there is a paperback giveaway going on via Goodreads if you are a betting person, gambler, or just like the feel of winning free stuff. Act fast: the giveaway ends on January 31st!

Check it out here: Goodreads Giveaway!


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