Rising Exclusive: Special Interview with Point


The Slightly Social Anti-Socialite here, doing something I’ve never done before. Today I’ve invited one of the characters from Simi’s Komma to stop by my cave … I mean, blog. Females and males, by popular demand, here is Point.

DR: Point I appreciate your stopping by. How have things been?

Things still feel so surreal to me. I keep expecting to hear Simi’s voice any minute. It’s just very hard for me to accept that he’s gone.

DR: What made you and Simi so close?

Papyrus is a small town and it doesn’t like a whole lot of change. When my family moved here from the big city years back, it was a tough transition. Simi was the first one to welcome me and just take me as I was, without a whole lot of bullshit. (Oops, sorry … can I cuss here?) Well, like I said, he didn’t give me grief, like some of the others did. Simi and I became inseparable ever since.

DR: One rumor that was circulated is that you are in the process of a sex change operation. Is there any truth to that rumor?

You can’t be serious! Just because I keep my hair short and wear men’s clothing doesn’t mean I want to be a man. Some chics like wearing heels and makeup. I like combat boots and hats. I rock what makes me feel comfortable and girls’ jeans don’t have deep enough pockets for me to put my stuff in. Tell you what. Have those people who said that come to my face and ask me. Bet they won’t do it because the answer will be a fist to the jaw!

DR: Dig your tenacity. I did invite those people but they declined.

Guess it is for the best. That action would have made Jerry Springer look like rated G.

DR: Tell me more about Rod and Hiphen. How do you get along with them?

Rod and I didn’t get off to a good beginning. Yet we managed to squash our differences. Hiphen always tries to stay above the fray because he doesn’t like trouble. He despises conflict but to me it’s cosigning being a pussy. If Simi, Rod or he are in situations where they are in deep shit, I wouldn’t hesitate to try and help them out, even if it is a physical altercation. I ride for my team. I know Rod and Simi would have me but Hiphen would do too much thinking. By the time he would decide, the whole mess would be done with. Shit like that I get mad at.

DR: Does that make Hiphen less of a friend in your eyes?

Look I don’t know what you are trying to get at. Hiphen is like a brother to me, and I love him. Don’t twist shit. All I said was that he acts like a punk in some situations.

DR: Fair enough. What was your first impression of Komma Plush?

Her whole attitude got under my skin. Yet guys always fawned over her. If you got big tits and a matching ass, then it doesn’t matter how nasty your attitude is or how stupid you are. I went along with the whole trying to welcome her because of Simi but if it were up to me, it would not have gone down.

DR: Why do you think Simi was so drawn to her?

This may seem a bit sick and twisted but I honestly think it was because she initially refused him. Simi tends to be a bit reserved until he sees something he wants. Then he makes it his goal to get it. It is not as rewarding if it’s not a slight struggle for him.

DR: You don’t think it could have been love at first sight?

You are asking the wrong person. Simi and Hiphen were on that level. Simi didn’t talk much about Komma with me because he knew I didn’t like that tramp.

DR: Were you and Simi ever sexually involved?

How did I know that was going to come up? Like I told every one else who asked the question, NO, NO, and NO! Just the thought of that makes my skin crawl.

DR: One last question for you. What are your thoughts on Hiphen’s narration of events?

I know he did this to set the record straight but it opened up some wounds. Just when I was starting to get past things, the pain was made fresh again. Hiphen did what he felt he had to do but I just wish he would have checked in with me. I’m not sure whether he talked to Rod about anything or not. When Hiphen’s story came out, I found out along with everyone else. Not too pleased but it’s too late now.

DR: All right that is all I have. Thanks again for this Point. Appreciate everyone else for stopping by.


simiskommaFor those who want to check out Hiphen’s story, click here for Simi’s Komma.

Blurb: In the small town of Papyrus, Hiphen, Rod, Point, and Simi appear to have an unbreakable bond. When the crew attempts to break in new arrival Komma Plush, the gang gets sent into a whirlwind that shakes up the dynamic of the whole town.                                                   


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