Social Networking: Paving the Way for Justified Anti-Socialism


As you have noticed, I’ve been a bit more social these days, even finally (okay at the demand of my publisher) getting a Twitter account. I’ve only been social for a few weeks and already I’m seeing things that make me want to hibernate until next Spring.

(1) Lately I’ve been seeing these messages, talking about engagements, breakups, and possible pregnancies. I have no problem with seeing those. Okay, let me take that back. I do think announcing the shit is overrated. But let me get to my point. It’s irksome enough seeing them when they are real, but then seeing messages from people that are like, “Sorry guys, it was like a joke. My bad …”



Maybe my sense of humor works different than everyone else’s because I don’t see a damn thing funny.

There is someone out there (not me, but someone) who wants to get married. There is someone (probably me) who wants to break up with someone and there are so many women (one of them a close friend of mine) who has been trying to get pregnant because there’s nothing she wants more than to be a mother.

Yet you have fucktards (I told you my site wasn’t PG yet praying my publisher will allow leeway because this word just fits) joking about shit with the main motivator being attention.

Look here desperate mofos, you want attention, get a pet—a dog is highly recommended because they are needy. By the time you end up owning a dog, you will want a vacation. Go to a therapist to talk out your problems because something is broken in your brain if you really think that the only way you can get people to pay attention to you is to pull something that is tasteless. #BornOnASpecialYellowBus

(2) Just because I follow your ass on Twitter and we are both writers doesn’t give you authorization to shove your promotional material in my DM. I’m not doing that to you. I’m not going like, “Hey check out Simi’s Komma and Vocal Remedy. Leave a review. It’s free. (link to Smashwords)” Yet it’s been happening like clockwork and I’m not feeling it. I don’t even have 75 followers yet and I have already started un-following people.

Really, DR, is it that serious? Yes, it is that damn serious. When my publisher talked to me about this whole social media business, here is how I look at things:

(a) I have to be the truest representative of me I can be. Elements of me is not being an advocate of stupidity, disrespect, or just plain ratchetness. It’s not good for my brand.


Yeah I know “brand” is a marketing word but how can one expect the public to take you seriously if you are not presenting yourself in a way that commands attention? No matter how you slice it, one can end up being found “guilty by association”.

(b) If any activities or people are not in alignment with my overall character or with the direction I want my work to go, I do have the right to cut the umbilical cord on their asses.
giphyTherefore, I don’t have to warn anyone if I’m ceasing and desisting communication. You shouldn’t have been doing dumb stuff or things that made me roll my eyes at you. It’s your loss. I don’t shed any tears.

If you’re going to do social networking, do it right! All eyes are on you. Don’t do things to others you wouldn’t want done to you. You don’t like jokes being played on you? Don’t play them on other people. You don’t like advertisers constantly bugging you about their products? What do you call it when not even after I befriend you or follow you, you are putting in plugs for your work and don’t even say hi to a chic? Don’t worry; I’ll wait, just this once.

Just take some time to think: How does this action reflect on me as a person and can the result negatively impact if people get my work? If you can’t convincingly say that it won’t give you backlash then that tells you right there you need to cease and desist. Don’t even hit the “send” or “publish”. Keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard.

If you are getting offended at this post, you may be the very person I’m talking about and perhaps need to change some of your marketing practices. Yet the only way one can improve is if it’s pointed out; it’s up to you what you want to do about it.

Okay, rant over. Back to regularly scheduled creative development already in process, and to also call the PR department and warn them that “I have a situation”.



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