I wonder how many folks who put #amwriting are really writing. Is there a possibility that people may put the hashtag may just put to appear to be writing, or feel guilty for not writing? You never know what people will do to get attention. I found that out just the other day (reference my last post on how desperate people can be for attention).

Let me not get on a tangent. I’m here to talk about the fact that I am writing.

Usually, I know what I’m going to title something right away but it’s not the case with this particular story. I know all of the elements I’m putting into it, even an idea of a blurb of sorts. Unfortunately, the title has yet to smack me upside the forehead.

Perhaps if I reveal a little bit of what is in it maybe some of you can generate some ideas for me.

1. A couple that is hopelessly in love. (Think Tristan and Isolde type intensity)
2. A “Mama” that pops up unexpectedly.
3. A tragedy that kills two people.
4. A chance for one person to bring one of those two people back.

So … love, death, making deals with angels, possible resurrection.

No, I can’t call it “If Death Should Love Me”. Besides, that Rosie chick would get spastic on me, and boy does she have a temper! Anything besides that.

I’ll await your thoughts (unless my publisher chimes in with something bad ass ).


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