Why Handy is my Favorite Synful Desire Story (#AndShouldBeYoursToo)


Yo! SASS here. For those who have been asleep, it stands for Slightly Anti-Social Socialite. I’m stretching my weary bones to talk about a story that clings to me like a cat that wants food. Kicker is, the story isn’t even mine.

I know I risk her coming to this blog post and bombarding my spot with mushy sentiment and kisses but I’m speaking on this because it’s good stuff.

I’m not one that typically reads anything closely related to romance so when Synful Desire first was telling me about “Handy”, I did sigh and generate an eye roll or ten. I even told her, “This isn’t really my cup of tea.” Her response was for me to give it a shot, and if I really hated it, I can rip into it any way I pleased with my sickle.

A chance for my sickle to get some action? How about “Hell Yeah”?


Yet by the time I got to the end of the story, I could not stop frigging laughing (and I tend not to laugh). If I can find something to like, then that is saying a lot.

With that being out the way, here are reasons why “Handy” is my favorite Synful Desire story. (aka #TheShyt)

(1) Darbi is the blueprint of the modern day female. She’s single and just trying to find the right man but has some pitfalls along the way.

(2) Darbi is proud of being a sexual being and doesn’t shirk from it but puts it out there in a way that isn’t slutty.

(3) Darbi is not the stereotypical “drop dead gorgeous” that many writers like to push in other people’s faces. No, I’m not saying that she isn’t pretty but she’s honest with herself, as it pertains to how she looks. She’s a “real woman”.

(4) Love sees no color, for the three men Darbi chooses from are not necessarily of the same race. Yes, there’s a move for more interracial themes in literature but the process is still rather slow.

(5) The erotica component is presented in such a comedic way in an arena where everything is “oh so serious”. Synful Desire isn’t afraid to experiment with the fun side of sensuality, if you will. It’s this difference that although people may not appreciate now, will give it high fives many years later when they get bored with the “same old manufactured shit”.

(6) Each episode with each guy does conjure up some scenarios worthy of discussion. To get a backstage pass at this, I was part of a Relationship Roundtable. I’m not going to reveal which person did what (that would be a major spoiler) but it was very interesting to see what she, other invitees, and myself had to say about these things.

All of these things makes “Handy” an example of “real woman’s comedic erotica”. It also got me to put out the school of thought below. I may not necessarily get any answers but just something to put on the Rising Thoughts buffet:

I know that women love to read about gorgeous hunks, but do they actually want to read about the females that end up with them? The females that end up with them are as beautifully manufactured as the men. Can a female really fantasize about the man if they know that a woman who looks nothing like the average snags him? Must this just be reserved for “chic lit” where some of the characters have more of bafoon type cadence (<—this just annoys me; when you’ve seen one clueless bimbo you’ve seen them all)? Can’t erotica be fun and/or real? Must it be this super intense, emotionally draining fuck fest all the frigging time?

In any event … if you are like me, and just want something that is different, Handy by Synful Desire can cure what ails you. Check it out in Delectable Things: Special Edition coming to Amazon and CreateSpace Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, you can get your pre-order via Kindle right now.


3 thoughts on “Why Handy is my Favorite Synful Desire Story (#AndShouldBeYoursToo)

  1. Have I told you I love you? (blushes) I’m about to hug you now, even though you tend to hate those. ((hugs)) Seriously … it really means bunches that you dig Handy so much. 😀 😀 😀


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