Rising Review on Delectable Things: Special Edition

Hello. Your favorite Slightly Social Anti-Socialite here to give a review. Before I go on, I must provide the following disclaimer:

The advance reader copy (ARC) was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Also, something you got to know about me: I don’t care if you are my co-worker, my friend, or my family if you ask my opinion on it, I’m going to speak on the thing and speak on it honestly. If your feelings get hurt, hey … you shouldn’t have asked me. Do I look like I wipe tears and asses?

But enough about me, let’s get to this book.

dtseHold up! Wait a minute! Where have you seen this cover before? Yeah, it’s an All Authors thing, and it’s called support. So, when one of the family comes out with something, we all band together and showcase what we’ve done. Yes this cover is flashy but it fits Synful Desire’s whole demeanor and also the tone of the first and primary novelette, “Delectable Things.”

“Delectable Things” is the one I will be covering since you guys already know how I feel about “Handy”, one of the bonuses people will be getting, along with “Simmer Sweet”. I’m going all in and no holds barred. See any foul language? Well, that will be partly because of the book (since it is erotica and not suitable for the young ones) and just because I never said my mouth was a clean one.

As far as characters go, I can tell you my favorite character and my least favorite character.

My least favorite character is this main chic, Sabrina. Yes I know the tale is about her wayward ass trying to find some good love but she just makes some bad choices to where I wonder, “Does this woman have any sense?” Like this whole thing with Mr. Torrance the Boss Man (which is not a spoiler because it’s in the blurb). Did she really think he was going to be cool with her after what had transpired? I know I wouldn’t have. Then, there is this other situation she gets into (which I won’t say a lot on because that would be a spoiler). All I will say is this: it’s like doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

For example, I don’t like being touched but there are certain people who are always rushing to hug my ass (like, ahem, the initials are S.D.), although I have said time and time again, “Don’t hug me.” Yet the initial person keeps doing it anyway. I probably should do more than just speak my displeasure; however, I don’t have time to formulate “How to get away with Murder.” (Damn, I missed it!)

Sabrina: entertaining but dumb, check.

My favorite character, although she didn’t get a whole lot of play, is Vicki. She’s the owner of Delectable Things. There is something about a strong woman that makes me smirk. I really liked hearing a little about how she hired Amber and Evianne. To me, it seems like she gives people a chance when other places would not. I think if I were to meet Vicki in person, she’d be one of the few females I’d be able to be around for more than half an hour.

Vicki: observant boss chic, check.

This story was quite a ride. There is a little narrative here and there but for the most part, the author gets you into the thick of the action.  It was also cool there was a bit of back story not only for Sabrina and Vicki, but also for Rachel, Amber and Evianne.  The intimacy between Amber and Evianne didn’t ring as just casual, even though the set up could make one believe that. It’s the difference between a girl-on-girl porno made by men (what is usually out there) and girl-on-girl porno made for females by females. The erotic scenes in Delectable Things: definitely the latter.

Cliche things I’m so glad didn’t happen in this novelette:

(1) Some random guy coming in and saying, “You girls need any help?”

(2) The cue of any cheesy porno music. In fact, this particular tale is music free.

(3) The use of the word “love box”. (I just find the term strange and anatomically incorrect. Does my vagina look like a box in any way, shape or form?)

For those who want their erotica a bit tamer, it may make them blush a bit much. Blow by blow, “Delectable Things” (the main course) does that type of detail. Some of the lines I dug so much, I had to read them again to get some more of the impact.

I’m not really a big fan of star ratings. I just do those mainly to satisfy Goodreads and Amazon. Yet I will give this a skeleton thumb up for approval. This is a great read for erotica writers and a great steamy read for Valentine’s Day.

Three words: Just Grab It!



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