Ode to Rose (How Her Thorns Landed in my WIP)


The SASS Here. Yes, I know I’m posting two times in one day but I don’t think the first one counts because my publisher made me do it (aka “one of the family has a promo, and Da’Kharta I’d appreciate it if you’d get on board”).

Okay moving on.

Out of all the people in the family, I do have what I consider genre opposites. One of those opposites is Desire (read: mushy stuff). The other opposite is ol’ Rosie, who I’m going to call Rose simply because it doesn’t make her sound as old. She does the whole young adult/paranormal/romance type thing.

I have not finished If Death Should Love Me, but I will tell you this:

(1) There is some great storytelling there.

(2) I dig me some Gabriel. I know everyone is supposed to be caught up in Sophia and the love story. Bump that! Gabriel sounds pretty bad ass, and I can hardly wait to go on with what happens next with him.

I think that is why I’m moseying along because I don’t want the tale to end just yet.

DR, I'm lost!

DR, I’m lost!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on a new story but you are probably still trying to figure out what Rose and If Death Should Love Me have to do with it.

All right … it goes like this. If Death Should Love Me has a lot of focus on angels and demons. One of the components of my WIP (which still has no title) is the involvement of angels in the lives of three characters: Therice, Felipe, and “Mama”. Originally, this was going to get skimmed over but then, the angels started wanting to get their talk on. Next thing you know, I’m nearing 5000 words and haven’t even gotten to some of the twists I want to present. I wouldn’t have wanted to build richer angels if it hadn’t been for all the hype with Gabriel, as well as Azriel.

On one hand, my publisher will have to keep calm and wait more towards middle to end of March because this definitely won’t be finished by mid to end February like originally intended. But on the bright side, I will give Rose her props. Her paranormal dust rubbed off on me … if only for this story.


P.S. In case you didn’t know, it’s #FREE on Amazon Kindle so snatch it!


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