OMG, What the Simmer! (Full Throttle on DT:SE)


Okay, so I talked about how much I dig Handy. I even did a full uncensored review of Delectable Things on its lonesome. I think it is about time I put everything together and deliver the full enchilada, yet on the same token make it look like a review.

Delectable Things: Special Edition is made up of three stores. Actually, two novelettes and one short story, if you want to be technical.

  • The main novelette Delectable Things is LGBT erotica, along with the short story, Simmer Sweet.
  • The other novelette Handy is more contemporary erotica, as it does not involve same sex situations.


Delectable Things itself reminds me of a soap opera. I could even hear the music in the background as Sabrina walked in, thought she was getting a raise when she had to call Tyrone because she was getting the boot. Don’t know what I mean? Google Erykah Badu.

I don’t really do soap operas because I honestly think they are cheesy. Miss me with The Young and the Restless. How many times does Victor come back, seriously?


Yet this work is more like the mozzarella stretching out of the baked stick as you bite into it, and that I tend to like.

My breakdown of the characters in ten words or less:

  • Sabrina: dumb ass (It’s just because I like my main characters to be smart, not do the same thing and expect a different result. Some will find her mishaps entertaining. I, on the other hand, am like Fred Sanford when he’s calling Lamont a “big dummy”.)


  • Mr. Torrance: hard ass (I do not like what he did, but I understand the why. That is also why I don’t dislike him as much as I dislike Sabrina.
  • Veronica: crafty chic (Man, I can’t hate on Veronica. I would have done the same thing, and no, I’m not going to reveal what she did.)
  • Rachel: crazy chic (Yes, I’ll let you stumble on to that for yourself.)
  • Evianne: sexy beast (She’s my favorite character and not just because of the vivid detail the author gave on her appearance. Evianne—or Eve, although I would have preferred her full name be used—seems like the type of female that’s wife material. I could read a whole story based on her.)
  • Amber: using free love to be a horn dog (That’s my analysis and I’m sticking to it. I just don’t find her appealing. She reminds me of some of these stereotypical females out there that will just spread their legs whenever there’s a tingle. Wait, can I say that? I may have to take that line out when I post to Goodreads … I’ll figure out something.)
  • Vicki: hot boss (Yes, she’s hot because she’s a boss. Think about it: an erotic toy shop designed by a female that primarily caters to females. That’s a plus in my book. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Vicki in the future, like how did she decide to come up with the store and what not.)


As far as other elements: The conflict and plot isn’t original but the layout of the events was easy to read and quick to get into. The connection between the characters didn’t feel manufactured and the dialogue was genuine in relation to the style of the characters. It’s cool the blueprint of the characters wasn’t all the same. The resolution was quite clean, and this works. For those who are content with this snippet, they are happy. Yet for those who desire to learn more about certain characters, this opens the gateway for that as well.

Summary of Thoughts: Held my attention from start to finish, particularly the parts with Sabrina and Rachel, as well as Evianne and Vicki. Extremely strong erotica that goes beyond the sex.


Simmer Sweet is challenging to talk about because it is a bit too tempting to give a spoiler, but I don’t back down from challenges so I will give it a whirl. Back to my breakdown of characters in ten words or less:

  • Kesha: Aggressive and in heat
  • Teresa: Balanced and full of knowing
  • Chris: Greedy and close minded

Out of all the tales, Simmer Sweet was the most acquired taste. Not because I didn’t enjoy the story … keep calm and wait for it. It was because of the construction of the characters, mainly Kesha. There are quite a few stories published that lay out the stereotypical personifications of the bisexual and lesbian lifestyles. Kesha is one of those prototypes. Her energy rings truer to that of a lesbian, especially as the action escalates later on in the story. For me, Kesha doesn’t have enough layers to her personality for her to stand out from what’s out there.

With Chris, it’s a similar situation but more as it pertains to his behavior in the beginning than towards the end. I did find myself wondering if there are more men like him than not like him as far as his feelings towards Kesha. That would be the only thing that would be a twist—him being in the minority.

Teresa is the one who held my interest the most. Although she loses cool points for not picking up on the obvious, her overall portrayal was true to her mannerisms.

Summary of Thoughts: Full originality of plot and characters are lost here but the action towards the end is enough to make one blush.


Every time I think of Handy, I get tickled. It’s rare anything makes me laugh that isn’t generated in a sarcastic manner, yet this is the exception. I think the fact that so much of this can mirror real life is the crucial reason why I love (there’s that word) this novelette.

Darbi is my favorite character. Yeah, she makes dumb decisions. Unlike Sabrina in Delectable Things, some of those scenarios Darbi experienced could not be helped. So yeah, Darbi gets a pass. In addition, she’s not painted out as some bomb shell chic that every man must fall for—she is just the average female looking for someone to love.


This is in contrast to the guys in this work, who are different degrees of handsome. I also loved (yes, I used it again) this because it shows that an “average” woman can get the attention of “gorgeous” men. On the same token, none of these guys came across as vain or overconfident assholes (which sometimes can happen when a guy just “knows” he looks good and has to flaunt it). This made all of them quite likeable to me, despite some of their poor actions.

Summary of Thoughts: Yes, it’s erotica but it’s more contemporary than anything. Love the real life situations, characters, twist at the end. Handy is a winner and is a great story for someone who loves something a tad bit different. It can picked up and read over and over again!

***Okay, this is the last time I’m using that “L” word so much in one blog entry, or review for that matter.**

Rising Verdict on Delectable Things Special Edition:

Saved from the Sickle
(#GrabIt #Recommend)

I don’t really do the whole rating thing. Yet, on Goodreads and the like, Delectable Things: Special Edition would be about a 4.25.



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