Newsletter, Snoozeletter! (and don’t 4get the giveaway)



SASS is in the building! Okay, if you want to be technical, the blog. Have I been missed? Even if I have been, oh well! Not trying to be mean, just being me.

I know you are curious what is a graphic from Ru Paul’s Drag Race doing in my spot. Well, that is the best graphic I could find when Desire’s ditzy ass came to my cave,  roused me from my sleep to ask me “One Simple Question”.

Her question: “Da’Kharta how do you feel about doing a newsletter? You see, I’m doing it and it’d be great if you would do one too!”

I gave her the look, and was like, “Girl …”

No, I’m going to keep it real. I’m like, “Your hyper ass woke me up for this shit? #Bye!”

Then I turned over and went to sleep.

dt-se-1Before I go, the hot mess known as Synful Desire (and I’m the only one allowed to call her hot mess; the rest of you will be material for my sickle to slice) is having a giveaway on her book Delectable Things: Special Edition. I’m sure my past review is the fuel needed for you to enter to get a FREE copy. (Click any underlined bit to enter.)

Yet, even in my slumber, the question lingered: Should there be a Rising Newsletter? Hell, it’s hard enough for me to do a blog. I’ll let a few people sound off below.



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