When Colorful Digs the Darkness (#SeeNoGenre)


This is the closest I’ll ever come to having a girly moment.

Yo! It’s the S to the A to the double S! It’s after ten pm (EST) and once again, I feel like doing some writing. No, it won’t be a full blown sound off like my other post but it is something that is somewhat of a shocker.

I originally was going to title this “When a Tight Arse Lets Loose” but that would not exactly be PC, PG, or PR (whatever all of the P’s that have to do with public and relations). So … I settled for what you see now.

Moving on.


For those of you who have been with me from Day One, or have been asleep under a rock, Vocal Remedy was the first short story I came out with. I do know that my work is not for everyone, so I didn’t come into it with any uber high expectations, like “I must get a 5 star every time because if I don’t, I will come to your house, knock on your door, and ask you why”. Don’t laugh. That actually happened to someone, and in my not-so-humble opinion, it was pathetic (and no, I’m not going to link it because that simpleton doesn’t deserve any additional press). How many 50 Shades of Psychotic Christian Grey are you to come to some person’s door and harass the person because she doesn’t like your book? Heck, that person would have been the subject of my next book …

Oops, getting off track, never mind.

I did have one person who didn’t like my short story, and I quote:

Can’t get back 15 pages of my life.

The funny thing about it was I wasn’t that phased but my publisher was hotter than a jalapeño. Not at the fact that the person didn’t like the story, but the person didn’t even say what one didn’t like about the story. I think it would have been more annoying if the person just put the rating and didn’t say anything. No sweat off my brow.

Today, someone who normally does not read my genre decided to snatch up Vocal Remedy and give it a read. The thing that blew me away was the fact that the review was almost half the length of my story. Okay, I exaggerate but he sure did write a lot of words. He saw things in it that may me wonder, “Damn, was all that actually in there?” or “Hmm … I never quite thought of it that way”. That, in itself, is impressive.

Take a gander of it on GR.

All right. I’m going back to my cave now. No more blog posting until next week, Knives’ honor! Well, what did you expect me to say? Do I look like I’m even close to being Scout material?



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