Rising Round Table: Annoying Trends


Well, why not? It hasn’t been outlawed … yet.

Greetings! SASS here, peeking her head out for something a bit special. Something that is a bit out of my speed and my lane, as it comes to this blog. I’ve decided that on the last week of each month, I’m going to do a bit of a round table, ask a question, and have people speak on it. For now, I’ve reached out to some of my fellow AAPH people to sound off. However, if it picks up steam, I may open it up a bit more to the general public. Let’s see how things unfold.


Okay, now let’s get to the introductions.

rosenewlogoThe lover of mush (romance) with some eerie action (paranormal), C. Desert Rose.

adonismannnewlogoThe guy that has intricate versus to make one’s mind have an orgasm, Adonis Mann.

LogoDesireThe lady that explores all realms of erotica beyond the obvious, Synful Desire.

queen.logo1The individual that is classic, yet contemporary, Queen of Spades.

and last, but absolutely not least:

ynewlogoThe woman who puts the M in “multi” and the G in “Gotta test the Genre waters”, Y. Correa.


Thanks so much for stopping by on this Round Table. Inquiring minds want to know the answer to this question:

What is a current trend in writing that you feel is ridiculous, dumbs down the literary world as a whole, or just shouldn’t be a trend?

I’m going to let the MG known as Y. Correa go first.


So, what irks me about the writing community?
Is “everything” a good answer? Lol. No. Kidding … or maybe not. 😉
There are so many things that bother me about today’s writing that it’s hard to pick just one.
However, if I really had to, I suppose I would have to say (I’m making this up), the “Non-Artistic Writing Approach“.
Those who know my writing know that I’m a lover of Word Romancing. There is something so indulgent and fulfilling about a work that demonstrates that Art of Romancing the Words. It’s inexplicable.
Yet, in this day and time we have such humdrum writers. There approach to writing is more about money than art. They want to tell a story, yes. But they are not interested in telling it in a way that will leaving a lasting impression on the reader. It’s all about “This is Scott. See Scott run. See Scott walk. Scott goes home.” Well damn! Scott is boring as hell! I’m just saying!

My pet peeve in writing is the “Non-Artistic Approach.

Y., I’m definitely going to have you return at some point to give more detail about that Romancing the Words spiel, maybe in the next month or so. That is about the time you’re to have a new release, so that will be on point. Interested? You know the email.

Now, on to The Royal One, Queen of Spades. Same question.

First off, Da’Kharta, thanks so much for having me. One of my pet peeves, and something which is trending, is what I deem “The Flurry of Filler.” Although it is probably happening in other genres, it seems prevalent in the realm of contemporary fiction. Some writers obsess over meeting a certain word count, and it’s like they run out of things to put in the manuscript. As a result, certain details may be put in a work that really have no place in the overall story.


I feel that it’s better to provide fullness to the existing characters, or come up with information that may be central to the conflict. In addition, it is just better to leave words out rather that clutter the narrative. Too much clutter is like taking detours to get to one’s destination: sure, you will eventually get there but if you are taking a detour that is unfamiliar, it is easy to get lost along the way. If an author has to second guess whether a sentence, paragraph, or even a whole scene should be included, then it’s best that the content be taken out.

Always to the point. Very appreciative, Miss Queen. Now, Desire you have the floor.

Thanks Da’Kharta! I am bothered by the fact that although erotica is (by all accounts) contemporary, it, too, is being forced in a mainstream box. The formula for the cover is typically a super gorgeous guy, female or a combination of one or both sexes, either standing or posing suggestively. Then, fancy font and in some cases, a catch phrase.


I thought the purpose of erotica was for the reader to use his or her imagination for the fantasy. For me, when I see a picture of a person on the cover of an erotica, I get annoyed. I feel like the author is shoving this image in my face, naming it the face of ecstasy and expecting me to buy it. This just advocates the theory that everyone’s image of what is hot and sexy is the same, and that is not necessarily true.

In addition, there’s this underlying thought process that the object of desire has to be unattainable. Therefore, the average Joe Blow or Amy From Next Door shouldn’t dare to seek the person on the cover. Yet, at the same token, the very same Joe Blow or Amy From Next Door, sadly, is the one who is going to pick up the erotica works. Does the person who is already super gorgeous going to read a book about someone who is like them and who they probably have already? Maybe, maybe not.

Then, there is this ongoing theme a person can see from a mile away. I can count on hands and feet multiple times the number of scenarios where, if I just swap out the characters from one book, put them into another book, I’m basically reading the same book. What is the fun in that? Speaking of fun, why does everyone and everything in erotica have to be so serious? Is there no room for a break in intensity or comedy?

I don’t like this being a trend. Unfortunately, unless there is a large enough audience willing to take erotica in different packaging, I don’t see this going away any time soon.

As always, Desire … never at a loss for words! I didn’t know you were a Batman fan. Now, it’s time for a Man’s perspective: Adonis Mann.

Hello Da’Kharta, everyone.
The thing that seems to have become a new trend within the writing community as it pertains to Erotica is the “Non-erotic Erotica”. I can only speak for myself, of course. Being that Erotica is sort of my thing, as of late I’ve been doing more reading than usual and analyzing other writers’ approach to the subject. Let me tell you that I am highly unimpressed. Today’s community has morphed Erotica into Porn. I mean, are they that desperate to get their nut? What ever happened to trying to wet the panties before pulling them off? It’s so apathetic, monotonous and redundant. All these so called writers seem to think about is “plugging the hole” and not giving much thought to the construction needed to make that plug count.

I’m sick and damn tired of “Non-erotic Erotica.” That’s my thought and I’m sticking to it.

Apathetic, monotonous, and redundant! Try saying that three times fast. Adonis, a delight! Don’t be a stranger.

Before chiming in with my thorny thoughts, let’s hear from C. Desert Rose.

I think that conjunctions have become the new fad. It’s like “Tommy and Jane and Sussy and Misty and Joey went to the park and played volleyball. They eventually got tired and rested while they drank iced tea and lemonade, and all of the sudden it started raining. Tommy and Jane and Sussy ran to cover under the boardwalk while Misty and Joey opted to stay and dance in the rain. And, when the rain finally stopped, they all got together and played volleyball once more. And that’s the end.”
I mean, SERIOUSLY?! HOW MANY dag on conjunctions can one person fit into one sentence?! Truth be told it annoys the Ba’Jesus out of me because there are so many more words in the English language that can be used. This approach is really just dumbing down the Writing Industry as a whole. It needs to stop! I’m putting my foot down!
Alright. Thanks for having me along Da’Kharta! Hugs!

All right! So what is my sixty-six cents on this question?

One thing I see being a trend that shouldn’t be one, is an author’s need to tell everything in the genre of mystery, thriller, psychological drama, and horror. The whole fun of those genres in general is the mystery and the guessing game. What fun is it if someone is told the who, what, where, how, and why? Let the reader do the work; let the reader use his or her brain. Who decided that it was all fine and dandy to just do full disclosure? I certainly didn’t co-sign! 

All right! Looks like that’s a wrap everyone. Once again, giving props to C. Desert Rose, Adonis Mann, Synful Desire, Queen of Spades, and Y. Correa.

Got a trend you’d like to sound off on? Say it with your chest in the comments. Interested in being a guest member of the Round Table? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



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