How This Short Story Yeast Became Some Novelette Bread


The SASS is here.  How is everyone doing? I guess you’ve been wondering …

What’s been new with me?

Hmmm …

Well, although my spot looks the same, I officially have a domain—


Also, with a lot of gusto and bucket loads of caffeine, I finally finished one of my writing projects. The final name of it is Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice.

The premise for this was a small one. This is one of the few times I will be giving a back stage pass to my writing drafts. Treasure and guard with your life … or else.

My publisher, or as I’ve started nicknaming the organization in private “Word Slut” (shhh … don’t tell anyone), seem to want my anti-social tail to do some more writing. The monster called Dark Quill will be a long time coming, and I’m perfectly content with doing short stories. The organization was fine with it but requested if I could put out three independent ones, outside of what I have in anthologies.

It seemed reasonable. I was like, “Sure why not.”

I began to develop some story lines, and one of them followed this premise. When I do my premises, I tend not to have character names from the gate, just a bunch of pronouns. Therefore, excuse the vagueness.

Significantly older man and younger female have a relationship. Female’s mother and female meet for food. Tragedy happens, killing both mother and female. Female wants to see her lover again, asks her spirit angel, and the wish is granted. Female’s mother request to return, and when her spirit angel discovers the reason, grants the mother’s request as well. Showdown ensues, more tragedy strikes. Twist is revealed. The End.

Now, I can’t honestly tell you guys fully what the tragedies are. It would really be a spoiler and would defeat the whole purpose of your checking things out.

I presented my idea to my publisher but had to give away the taboo, just to see if I’d be given the green light. Once it was granted, I began to write.

One thing I know is true—when you are really into a character and how that character develops, the character begins telling his or her story to you, not the other way around. Not saying that it didn’t happen in all of the stories I’ve put out, but this definitely rang home with this story.

This was supposed to be quick, fast, and blam! That was how I mapped it out.

My characters had other plans. I didn’t realize what plans until the 1sttragedy struck to set the tone for the rest of the work.

Therice, the female character in the love affair, started talking. Then the angels started taking over, wanting more spotlight, more play.

I spent a bunch of time attempting to quiet them. After all, this “story” was not supposed to be a huge production, just something to give to my publisher to make them happy and to start fulfilling my quota.

Yet, each time I attempted brevity, elaboration ensued.


As I mumbled to myself, a fellow writer and my “accidentally on purpose” mentor Queen of Spades contacted me to check on my progress. Finally, I told her my struggle, just to get her take on the project. The first deadline had come and gone, and the second deadline was fast arriving. I didn’t believe I was going to make that, and I was about to fling my sickle.

She told me, “If the characters are coming across that strongly, you have to let them talk. Unless your publisher has put a specific word count, then there should be no reason why you can’t add as many words as you like. See if the publisher is willing to extend the deadline, or if you are insistent on giving them a shorter story, give you the time to do that instead.”

I bowed to the Queen’s wisdom and explained my dilemma. The publisher was in agreement to “let the characters talk”.

With permission granted, I allowed my characters full gambit. Over ten thousand words later, not only did I gain a novelette but also a lead in to additional books in this whole spiel.

Blurb check:

Boundless Limits (Book One of Transcendent Choice)

There’s Love … and then there’s Love Beyond Limits.

Felipe and Therice had a love that knew of no boundaries. When Therice and “Mama” lose their lives in a tragic car accident, Felipe has a gaping hole that just refuses to heal and Therice has a determination to see him again that just refuses to die.

Heaven feels anything but, when Therice discovers that spirits are prohibited from visiting loved ones after they have died. Sensing that her angelic guide Amare possesses empathetic traits, Therice develops a plan of appeal in the hopes she will see Felipe near the anniversary of her death.

Yeast for one loaf became loaves for the multitude—makes a girl almost feel like she’s Jesus. Wait, let me not journey any further with that scenario.

I will say this about Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice

  • This work has tested my genre limits
  • This work has tested my word limit (Who knew writing over ten thousand words could be so exhausting?)
  • This work will test one’s perception of Heaven and Hell, and the blueprint of angels (as more books are added)
  • This work will test if there should be any conditions placed on Love, by Society or Beyond

For me, this is an unexpected undertaking—filled with shock, trepidation, and excitement. Yet, to provide a reading experience like no other, I’d go through the discomfort all over again.



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