Beyond Felipe, Therice, and “Mama”: Introducing the Angels’ Angle (Part One)

See what I did there with “angel” and “angle”?

SASS is back again, with some more information about my upcoming release, Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice. Before I proceed, I’d like to make one important announcement.


For all of you hard core mythology and/or religious buffs out there, this is not going to be heavily immersed in “Angel Fact”. In more cases than not, you may find that not only in this book but the others following it that I will take liberties. So, keep the butt hurt to a minimum.

Um … guess that wasn’t PR friendly.

Okay, carrying on.

Since Amare was mentioned in the blurb, it is only fitting that we talk about him first.

The closest classification of Amare as it relates to the actual Hierarchy of Angels would be the Second Triad. Below is the description and many thanks to fellow author C. Desert Rose for her assistance in the technical bits.

Second Triad
Dominions, Virtues, Powers
Angels who oversee other angels to make sure they do their duties. Known as the shining ones, they are miracle makers. The border guards between the first and second level of heaven. They are also the guardians of human souls.

The reason why Amare closely mirrors the Second Triad is twofold.
(1) He is the guardian of a human soul. His soul’s name is Therice.
(2) He is a member of the Favored, which is part of a manufactured angel hierarchy. In other words, he’s near the top of the pyramid.

I hint at the Hierarchy in this book but it will become more important as Transcendent Choice progresses. For that reason, I don’t want to bombard the audience (you guys) with too much too soon.

So … about Amare.


As Synful Desire would say, um, um good! If you like super ripped muscles, blond flowing locs, and someone so thick with positive qualities he is like a well made barbeque sauce that is what Amare encompasses. Hell, even when you try to hate him, you just can’t! Believe me, I’ve tried! He’s just that good.

The Era of Modernization and Its Impact on Amare

Not too long ago, there was a period called the Era of Modernization. It will get referred to in other installments of Transcendent Choice as the Age of Humancipation. During this time frame, the Higher Council (who acts as the governing body) gave angels the options of adapting qualities mimicking those of humans.

One characteristic Amare adopted was the ability to empathize. He yearned to feel how they felt.

Why, you wonder? Maybe deep down inside, Amare resents his own immortality. Perhaps he thinks he is missing out on something. Neither answer I’ve provided is a right or wrong one. By reading this narrative, you may gather a different perspective on him altogether.


Did Amare make the right choice? Will his empathy overtake his reason, as it involves this whole thing with Therice? You’ll just have to see, now won’t you?



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