Keys to the Asylum: All May



What’s crackling? I hope it’s not a bone. Come on, I kid! Or … maybe not.

Anywho, Slightly Social Anti-Socialite here, with some very shocking news. I’m going to break out of my anti-social status. Here’s the catch. It’s for one month only.

1. Why only one month?

Simply put, because this is my spot and because I say so. Besides, I don’t want anyone wearing out their welcome in my madhouse.

2. Why the month of May?

Glad you asked that. No, seriously, I’m glad you asked that.

May is National Short Story Month. Outside of shining my sickle, one of my favorite activities is to write short stories. Therefore, not only do I want to shine but I extended the invitation to those close and those far.

Only invitation drawback will be no showcasing on Sundays (unless I’m talking about my stuff or feeling random) and on the Friday before Memorial Day as well as Memorial Day proper, I’m taking a small vacation with me, myself, and I. Even the sickle is staying behind! #NotPlaying

So enjoy the invite and don’t trash the place too much.



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