Spotlight on Supplemental: Meet Marina

SASS is back again, with some more information about my upcoming release, Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice.

In my first two installments, I examined the “Angel Angle”—consisting of Amare and Vindicta. This time around, I give some spotlight to one of my supplemental characters Marina.

The closest representation that fits Vindicta.

The closest representation that fits Vindicta.

Before I go further, let’s briefly revisit Vindicta. In the last post referring to her, it was mentioned that Vindicta closely resembles a member of the Second Triad due to her function as being a guardian of human souls. Marina is one of the souls in which she is a guardian.

A refresher of the Second Triad is below:

Second Triad
Dominions, Virtues, Powers
Angels who oversee other angels to make sure they do their duties. Known as the shining ones, they are miracle makers. The border guards between the first and second level of heaven. They are also the guardians of human souls.


Okay back to Marina.




Marina came from very humble beginnings. Her mother wasn’t much of a mother at all, as displayed in the following passage from Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice.

Excerpt from Chapter Ten

Marina’s home life was scant in stability. Carletta, Marina’s mother, acted ill suited for parenthood; she treated Marina more like a younger sister, or even worse, a girl friend. The call of the streets provided more solace for Carletta’s mother than learning the proper way to fix a bottle or change a diaper.

If any of these men Carletta entertained had provided any stability, Marina would not have minded. Unfortunately, most lacked staying power, and one in particular, lacked respect. Over time, Marina dubbed him “The Beast”, haunting her dreams long after the invasion of her flesh had ended.

Many times, Marina talked to her mother about The Beast’s visits yet they fell on deaf ears. This behavior segmented Marina’s spirit. So many mixed messages were delivered. Innocence was not treasured. The love of man more significant that the protection of the child.

Her mother was a useless ally. Marina learned that she could only depend on herself.

“The Beast” was Marina’s ongoing nightmare in real life. She went through her day-to-day barely living, just surviving. The only thing that helped was having her best friend and her best friend’s mom—who behaved more like a mother than her own.

Until her best friend’s mom passed, throwing Marina’s emotions into a disarray that displeased “The Beast”.

Now, I won’t reveal much more of what happened after that point. 🙂

Let’s go on to the next section.

How She Arrived In Heaven

Not much is given in this regard. All one knows is that she was involved in something unfortunate that landed her there and has kept her away from her loved ones. Also, like Therice, one of the main characters in Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice, she wants to be able to engage in spiritual visitation, which is a no-no according to the rules.

BL.TC.Front.CovDoes Marina’s limits possess no bounds? You just have to read Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice to find out: now available on Amazon.



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