Jeopardy and My Short Stories (#GameShowSwag)


Hello! SASS doing a special Saturday post and having a rare thing called as fun. Just the other day I was looking at Jeopardy and got to wondering.

What if my personal feelings about my short stories up to date could be summed up in the form of a Jeopardy question?

Then it turned into

“Could I do it?”

Sounds like a challenge to me, and you know how I feel about challenges.


Vocal Remedy
What is giving blood on the cross a brand new meaning?

Simi’s Komma
What are characters that sound like punctuation marks?

Exploring Continuous Drips:

What is totally going out of your comfort zone?

What is hating your own reflection?

The Kutters
What is the intersection of fantasy vs. reality?

From Concordant Vibrancy:

What is outside must match inside?

Sorry, no Final Jeopardy question here. Time for me to go back to sleep.



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