6 Reasons Why Boundless Limits is a Worthy Choice (#99KindlePromo)



Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice (Book One)

Greetings! SASS here. Yeah I know I’ve been posting more than that weird looking picture of Denzel Washington at the Mayweather fight.


Okay, maybe not quite … and no, I’m not going to post that picture. You want to see it? Google it or check out someone’s Facebook timeline.

Anyway, enough about “Money” Mayweather. I’m here to save you a bit of money, which leads me to #6 of “Six Reasons (in no particular order) Why Boundless Limits is a Worthy Choice”:



Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice is ninety-nine cents, from now until this Friday (May 8th).


You get the makings of a love story with epic proportions, Felipe and Therice. When have you known me to do anything remotely resembling a love story?



There is a hot male angel named Amare. Want to know his role?
Check out my past post on the Angels’ Angle.


Vindicta! Well, to see her, you have to click this link.
Come on! I already put in Amare.


This. Incredible. Trailer.

and finally …


This book is more than a love story. It is about loss, about one’s belief in the beyond.

Do you have a love that’s boundless?


Don’t Delay! Grab your copy of Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice today. It’s ninety-nine cents from now until Friday.



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