8 Reasons Why Earth 8-8-2 Should Be in Your Kindle Galaxy


Hello! SASS here! As Earth 8-8-2 makes its last go round being offered for less than a cup of coffee, here are 8 Reasons Why It’s Worth Making Part of your Kindle Galaxy:

In no particular order of course!



Did I mention that it was cheaper than a cup of coffee? Not even talking about those who love Starbucks. This also extend to those who love Wawa, 7-11, Dunkin, and the like!


For those who want to delve into Sci-Fi for the first time, this provides a bit of intrigue without making your ear and head hurt with a lot of technobabble, like the Andromedian prophylatic metallic space modulator. (Okay, I think that is made up, but you get what I mean!)


For those Sci-Fi die hards, there is enough in there to where they may say, “Hey, this Y. Correa (but I wouldn’t call her “This Y. Correa”; she might turn into the incredible She Hulk—just a thing with her) may actually know some science.


There is a being created that is part human, part superhuman, part God, and part Vampire. Now that is one being I wouldn’t want to see on the street. My sickle is no match for that: she would probably know my plan of attack before I even got started.


Oh yeah! The “It” (although I wouldn’t say “it”) is a She. She is named Genesis. There’s just something very pleasing about a female bad ass.


It’s the type of read you can do in one setting, or a few settings if you want the action, drama and suspense to last longer.


You get an additional short story, entitled “Camielle’s Lights”. So, in essence, you are getting two for the price of .99 cents!


It has a lot of terrific reviews on Goodreads, including from yours truly.

Don’t miss your chance!

This .99 cent promo ends today.



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