Short Story Spotlight: FAN-tasy Island by Synful Desire


Synful Desire
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“FAN-tasy Island”, part of Continuous Drips


Dare to dance after dark? Visit FAN-tasy Island: where yearning, strip teasing and secrets do a sensual tango.


Jordan maneuvered through the crowd until he was in the front row. He pulled a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket. From her peripheral, Illustria saw the money and placed the folded currency between her teeth. Jordan noticed that she didn’t take her eyes off a particular patron.

The man who had Illustria’s attention was extremely tall. If Jordan had to guess, he was about 6’4”. Certain features of the mystery man were overplayed. His burnt sienna eyes were big and deeply set. The black eyelashes could rival some of the fake ones of the female performers—both in thickness and in length. The eyebrows share the thickness and had never seen a day’s worth of shaping. The hair on the gentleman’s head, cut low, while the hair on his face, designed as a chin strap that Jordan was never able to expertly pull off.

Even as ones, fives, tens, and twenties littered the stage, Illustria’s eyes always circled back to the tall man. As Illustria arched backwards while swirling her hips in mid air, Jordan grabbed another twenty dollar bill and flung it so it would land just above her bellybutton ring. Motioning like she was going to grab her crotch, the bill mysteriously disappeared.

Her attention to the tall man never wavered.

Jordan glanced at him again. He noted the tall man hadn’t thrown any money down, at least not when he had temporarily abandoned Linux to get a closer look at Illustria. Jordan felt a pang of admiration and jealousy. What could it be about this man that fascinated Illustria so? What did the tall man have that he didn’t?


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Lots of props to Synful Desire for stopping by. Keep your eyes peeled to see who will be next to enter my Asylum during National Short Story Month.



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