Royal “Drips” (My Favorite Queen Story)

What can I say–it seemed to fit!

SASS is in the building! As a reminder, that stands for “Slightly Anti-Social Socialite”.  Yesterday, I had fellow author Synful Desire here as part of KTTA to talk about “FAN-tasy Island”. It is one of the stories featured in Continuous Drips.

Today, I want to spit on the Spaded One herself, Queen of Spades. I was first familiar with her work via her poetry prior to her starting short story writing.

I didn’t start reading the short stories featured in this collection until after they came out, and I see something in each (“Útil”, “Afro Shock”, and “Misfortune”) that I can appreciate. Yet there is one that gave me the most awesome thrill, from a reader’s perspective.

It had to be “Misfortune”. I don’t know whether that is the original title or not but it definitely fit the enormity of the story. Nothing but a sea of bad luck—nobody goes unscathed!

The thing that makes this different, even from Queen of Spades’ independent flows, is that she starts at the end and makes it so that everything comes full circle.

The main characters are very interesting too! Shall we do the whole 10 words or less spiel? Okay, so it may take more than 10 words. How about “as short as possible”? Let’s go!

Tavena: Optimistic or very naïve? Still don’t quite know which. She’s not naïve enough to where she ticks me off, but astute enough to keep me intrigued.

Sheryl: This is a prime example of when protecting your own ass may mess up everyone else. If I say anything more, that will be a #Spoiler.

Phoenix: When I think of Phoenix, that duet with 50 Cent and Ciara “Just Can’t Leave Him Alone” pops in my head. The way he’s physically described, I can follow why it’s so difficult. Truth be told, I do like contrasts (the whole light eyes vs deep skin type thing). Now, whether he’s truly redeemed or not, one has to come to his or her own conclusion.

Quincy: There isn’t enough information given to where I can dislike the guy. On the flip side, there’s nothing that is super stellar for bragging rights either. Guess in my brain, a man is supposed to work hard, including taking on some extra hours.

Jazion: His face needs to be on a poster, which says, “Have you seen my brain? Because it’s gone, and I’m so gone!” No more needs to be said, just know that he’s nuts!

This story alone is worth at least $1.99—it has novel type situations packed into a long short story!

But in Continuous Drips, you are getting this story, plus two more from her.

Then, add the three by Synful Desire, and the three from  (#AHEM) yours truly.

So, you have nine stories, priced at $2.99 which is about thirty-three cents a story.

However, from now until Saturday May 16th, you can get that steal for an EVEN BIGGER STEAL.

Nine stories for #FREE on Kindle!


So, open up a new tab or window, and click on the “BUY” Button on Amazon. Real talk, I don’t know if Continuous Drips will be this affordable again this year. Don’t forget to leave a review after you’ve completed the read, which can be done in one setting, a couple of settings, or several settings.



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