My Coolest Story in Drips (#IMHO)


Continuous Drips

Greetings! SASS here, to talk a little bit about Continuous Drips. So, out of the three stories I’ve written for this collection, which one is my favorite? Before I reveal my choice, let’s recap what they are and a short stint on what they are about:

See change in present voice which leads to “Unrest”. Peek at different perceptions of love and loss with “Omitted”. Then find out what an author does when his characters threaten to rewrite an old story in “The Kutters.”

Out of the three, the one that is my favorite has to be “The Kutters”. I had a hoot making some of the characters come to life. I consider it a baby blend of “Secret Window” meets “The Dark Half” with a couple of the angles in the story. In my eyes, it was the most well put together short story in regards to tempo, character interaction, and really knowing where I want things to lead.

See … short, sweet and to the point.

Go grab Continuous Drips which is FREE for a limited time only! There’s a little bit of ink for everyone.



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