Short Story Spotlight: When Jesus Left Birmingham by Beem Weeks


 Beem Weeks



“When Jesus Left Birmingham”, part of Slivers of Life
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These twenty short stories are a peek into individual lives caught up in spectacular moments in time. Children, teens, mothers, and the elderly each have stories to share. Readers witness tragedy and fulfillment, love and hate, loss and renewal. Historical events become backdrops in the lives of ordinary people, those souls forgotten with the passage of time. Beem Weeks tackles diverse issues running the gamut from Alzheimer’s disease to civil rights, abandonment to abuse, from young love to the death of a child. Long-hidden secrets and notions of revenge unfold at the promptings of rich and realistic characters; plot lines often lead readers into strange and dark corners. Within Slivers of Life, Weeks proves that everybody has a story to tell—and no two are ever exactly alike.


The suddenness of the boom is what startled me the most. The rumble that followed threatened to shake the windows of our house to shards.

My mother let out a “Dear Jesus! What was that?”

Janie, my little sister, bolted from her room, panic-stricken and bound for tears. “Is it the Russians?” she cried.

A blur of bodies traipsed past our house, destined for the corner at the top of our street.

A column of black smoke reached for the sky in the distance.

“Keep the kids inside, Madeline,” my dad said, stepping into his battered work boots.

I can’t say for sure what it was, that notion that shoved me forward, put in my father’s line of vision. His eyes fixed on me; a moment’s hesitation drifted between us before he dropped a nod.


Lots of props to Beem Weeks for stopping by. Keep your eyes peeled to see who will be next to enter my Asylum during National Short Story Month.



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