Short Story Spotlight~A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox & Tango by C. Desert Rose


C. Desert Rose
Twitter @CDesertRose



A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox & Tango
#FREE on Smashwords


Hot and heavy declarations of love. Color coded separation of M&M’s. Sprinkles of sarcasm here and there. A typical day in the romance of Fox and Tango. When disaster rips Tango from her arms will she survive the ocean of her emotional torment or will Fox drown in the waves of tragedy?


“Oh shut up and kiss me!”

“But-” before Tango could finish, Fox had her full, heart shaped lips pressed against his—tight and demanding. She was owning him at that very moment, and he liked it. He felt a sudden wave of weak knees, and liked that too. What was she; a witch? Because, this spell that she had over him was too much to resist. She demanded, and he gave in each and every time. Did that make him a masochist? If it did then he didn’t mind. He’d be a masochist until the day he died for all he cared.

Fox’s curvy and firm body was pressed up against him, snug and desirous. Her plump, round bottom wasn’t too far out of his reach, so since he was locked into her kiss he figured that he might as well have at it.

“Hey!” Fox squealed, abruptly pushing him off of her and swatting at him. “Did I say you could do that?”

Smiling like a vixen, Tango shrugged and a look of mischief crossed his face. “You didn’t say I couldn’teither.”


“Mhm.” He winked. His penetrating hazel eyes twinkledin the daylight, and his mouth curled into a sideways smirk.

“Get over here.” Fox pulled him against her again, and as always he let her.

He loved how well her height complimented his. He could rest his head on top of her without any trouble at all.

What was it about her that made him run into a tizzy? Maybe it was her shoulder length curly black hair, or her deep, big and powerful dark brown eyes. Was it the lovely tone of her flawless dark skin? Whatever it was, he was keen to being at her mercy until kingdom come.

Her kiss was like water in the desert. Like warmth on a cold winter’s night. There was also something about the alpha female demeanor, and beguiling coquetry that she combined so well. Oh how he loved it!

Lots of props to C. Desert Rose for stopping by. Keep your eyes peeled to see who will be next to enter my Asylum during National Short Story Month.



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