The Vibrant Plan (#Coalesce)

As we come to the final stretch of Keys to the Asylum, I have to do something that I have not done before. I have not talked a lot about “Coalesce”, my story featured in Concordant Vibrancy.

A lot of you cats may think, “What could a Slightly Anti-Social Socialite like me possibly know about unity?” For me, unity doesn’t necessary mean I’m outside singing “We Are the World”. It’s a lot more fluid, more interpretative. It’s like not limiting your arsenal to just using a switchblade, but putting a butterfly knife and a sword in the mix.

You guys know I like sharp objects. (smh)

So, when this opportunity first came, I seized it. At that point, I only had my two freebies out “Vocal Remedy” and “Simi’s Komma”. I had no thoughts on anything having to do with something that was “Boundless” or “Transcendent”. It was about exposure, despite not knowing if my style would mesh. Even if it didn’t, here is a number to represent how much I care.


So how did I come up with this story and how does it tie into Unity?

The definition of “Coalesce” is to unite—a strong title and very fitting for an anthology whose theme is unity.

Side Note #1: The title was the easy part, although usually for me it is the most difficult part. Mainly because I have a thing for not using titles that have been used more than the amount of time I’ve been alive. Nope, I’m not telling you my age.

What other elements play key roles in “Coalesce”?

1. The significance of character names
For people who are familiar with my stories, they tend to know that I choose names that are either unique or have meaning. For those who didn’t know, now you know. I believe that no portion (character names included) is too small to deliver a punch.
In other words, the use of the name Jes Savyeur and the use of the name Visha is no accident.

2. The component of “but why”
There is a dramatic scene at the very start of “Coalesce” involving Jes and Visha. One thinks that the key is to find out what happens. Instead, I take the reader into the inner workings of Visha, still leaving the reader to come up with his or her own thoughts as to why the drama happened.

Side Note #2: This will not be a read for those where spelling things out is a necessity or where everything will always be cookie cutter. Life is not always like that, nor will my reads.

3. The amplification of senses
In this particular write, I took special care in enhancing certain actions, giving it almost a “slow motion” or “movie watcher” effect. Here is an example of sorts that provides an example.

After cocking her head to one side, Visha took a few steps backwards. Although she mainly picked the spiked fuschia suede boots to go with her peplum top, they would suit Visha’s intended purpose just fine. The heel-to-toe rhythm was steady as Visha speedily approached Jes’ barely moving body. The front of Visha’s right boot connected with the bridge of Jes’ nose. Jes’ scream and the cracking of bone echoed in the deserted alley. Jes put up her arms to protect her face as Visha’s boot changed course to relentlessly assault her abdoment. The pain soon became too much for Jes and she grabbed at Visha’s foot as a last minute attempt to stop the damage.

Now, I could have easily just put, “Visha kicked Jes in the nose.” However, which would have left the bigger impact? I’m just saying. Putting a seemingly larger than life spiel on the action scenes keeps the drama more immediate and the conflict front and center.

4. The catch phrase that ties in everything
You know how in scary movies (at least the better ones), there is a catch phrase that ties in the elements of fright and make the whole purpose of the movie make sense? Well, there is a catch phrase in “Coalesce” that makes the torment make sense.

5. Thwarting perception
In the beginning, most will believe that throughout ” Coalesce” Visha is the main character, yet in the end for the more astute reader, he will discovered that the main character is actually Jes. In that discovery (which goes back to Name Significance), the why may actually kick in, and the implications of the why gives “Coalesce” its intrigue.


Speaking of Concordant Vibrancy, it’s still #FREE but not for long.



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