Short Story Spotlight: The Authentic Snap by Queen of Spades


Queen of Spades
Twitter @authorqspades



“The Authentic Snap”, part of Concordant Vibrancy

Abbreviated Blurb

All Authors Publishing House, a subsidiary of All Authors Publications & Promotions, is pleased to present its first short story anthology, Concordant Vibrancy. Concordant Vibrancy represents the interweaving of unity and uniqueness through the eyes of eleven incredible writers. Through the array of genres, all of these talents share a phenomenal love of writing which aims to leave imprints in the reader’s imagination.

Inspiration Behind the Story

I will put in the inspiration behind the story because the story is so short. I just recreated how it would feel if you spent most of your life living for others instead of yourself and what one person decides to do about it.



Lots of props to Queen of Spades for stopping by. Keep your eyes peeled to see who will be next to enter my Asylum during National Short Story Month.



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