Concordant Vibrancy Review Challenge

Hello! SASS here, rising to another challenge. I have been challenged to cover my thoughts on each story of Concordant Vibrancy, excluding my own (because that just wouldn’t be fair) in no longer than one paragraph.


(doing my neck and shoulder exercises)


Butterfly Mask: Nothing is as it seems, and the people who tease and bully the main characters in the story get their just desserts.

Messarii’s Blood Hunt: A female messarii seeks justice for committing a crime. I would have liked to have gotten more back drop on the revenge factor. The fight scenes were all right but could have used a bit more pop to really get me invested. Not horrible but not the first one I’d thumb to, either.

Seven Days: Reflections upon death displayed in a conversational tone. It’s that aspect that serves to be a bit maddening and what gives this story a style I give the #FistPound.

… and we: I didn’t know what some of these words meant but I guess that was the entire point. This is just unlike any other erotica I’ve seen on the market. After I used the thesaurus to eliminate scalp scratch, I appreciated the story for what it was.

Touch Me: Sex … the Final Frontier. Yes that about covers it. You’ll indulge in a reading experience like no other I’ve ever explored. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether that is good or bad.

Til Death Do Us Part: Another story that gets a huge thumbs up. This author does great writes for people who are just getting their feet wet in horror. No fluff just purpose.

Her A to Z: Romantic notions that get thrown out the window via delayed delivery, pizza slices and Mozart the dog. It isn’t the typical “Angels” and “Demons” that this author does. In fact, I don’t think I saw one angel or one demon, unless we are counting the pizza as angelic in taste. #JustSaying

Lester’s Release: All I can say is OMG is she really serious? #CouldNotStopLaughing

The Authentic Snap: That little jingle “Thank you for letting me be myself” seems so fitting. There is Queen, once again, delivering messages. #GreatGem

Alma’s Unsung Angel (or Hero … same connotation to me): This is an example of where Mother Nature lends a helping hand. I’m not the soppy type but can give kudos to a story that serves a purpose. This one ties all the material in Concordant Vibrancy together.

Okay challenge met!

The thing that is great about having a short story anthology as opposed to a novel is that if there is any story that isn’t quite your bottle of root beer, you can skip it and go to the next one. Now all of what was just stated is just my opinion, so don’t take what I say as law. Because something I may not like, another reader may gush over, and so on.

You can see for yourself for #FREE. I don’t know how much longer this promo will be or the next time this anthology will be this affordable. I say grab it and give it a whirl!

Notice I didn’t say because I’m in it. (Wait, I guess I did just say that now didn’t I?)



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