Operation Gloat

SASS is in the building!

Now that I’ve kicked out … I mean, navigated my visitors on their merry way from the asylum, I can get back to the business of “All Things Rising.”

During the time I’ve had visitors, a lot of things have happened that are worth gloating about. I’m the type that when you do something great, you should talk about it.

(play at your own risk)

I’m not talking about being meek and mild whispering in people’s ears, “Hey guess what, I did such and such.” Do I look like the Ying-Yang twins performing that “Whisper” song?


No, this is one of those times when you grab a microphone or megaphone and say, “May I have your attention please? Guess what, I did such and such!”

Think Leonardo DiCaprio screaming “I’m the King of the world!”


Okay, Gloat Point #1

CD Banner

At the middle of May, one short story anthology I was in, entitled Continuous Drips, became an Amazon Best Selling Book during its promotion.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Gloat Point #2

3rd Try

At the end of May, another short story anthology I was a part of, entitled Concordant Vibrancy, joined Continuous Drips as an Amazon Best Selling Book, not just on Amazon.com but also on Amazon.co.uk. That sounds like #InternationalSwag to me!

What can top all of that? I don’t know, those sound like the bomb to me … yet you have no idea what is about to come soon, but I will give hints that are part of Gloat Point #3.

Gloat Point #3

There will be a new short story coming from me soon in a brand new anthology. It is, in three words, short yet effective. The trailer is incredible, damn near rivals “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice”, and I’m very proud of my own trailer.

This joint right here … let me stop talking. I haven’t received the go ahead to premiere the trailer. So I will have to stand impatiently, tapping my big right toe, until my publisher says it’s a go.



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