Boundless “L” 4 My Craft

I’m not one that tends to use the words that starts with L, ends with E, and somewhere in the middle contains OV. Truth be told, it is the closest term I can use when speaking of this particular topic. I even tried experimenting with other words—some Mann-esque (shout out to Adonis), some thorny (shout out to the Rose chic)—but they just weren’t right.

This post will have me actually use the word “love” because at the core, that is what this is.

(takes some deep breaths, then looks around)

What can I say? I can’t get enough (and I don’t even try) of the Rising stuff, also known as my own writing.


It could be just me, but in quite a few spots, I notice some authors talk a whole lot about a book as soon as it comes out. Then, once the buzz is over, they don’t speak of it again until the following situations:

1. There’s about to be a promo (either a discounted price or free).

2. In the case of a saga or series, the next book is about to come out.

3. The cover, or some other component, is about to get revamped.

4. It is picked up by a publisher and relaunched.


Other than that, you might as well be that lone person in the stadium while someone is out there mowing the grass on the field.

In other words, silence.

It kind of makes you wonder if the author loves the work less the farther along he gets in his career. Does he scoff at the old because his new work is so much better? Or, does he want to put out newer things because he’s tired of people knowing him for the old.

Whatever the case, that hasn’t happened to me yet.


No, I haven’t been in the writing or publishing business all that long but I do know that I still appreciate “Vocal Remedy” as much now as I do when it first came out. I even go back to read “Vocal Remedy” and each time I find something different that gets my attention. Every once in a while, I even harp over whether I would have revealed more or less, given some characters attention and others none at all. Even with VR getting the one star review (and I really do hope that individual has gotten some of her life back in the meanwhile *sly grin*), I’ve gotten enough feedback and downloads off VR to where it doesn’t hold a lot of salt.


I do the same with “Simi’s Komma”, and just recently I received a very in depth review. It is the coolest thing to experience through reader’s reviews how each person experiences the story. Although it may be a set way in my mind, it may not necessarily be that way to the audience.

My favorite stories are the ones that are part of Continuous Drips. They are very plot intensive and each character has unique situations with them. Not to say that “Coalesce”, the one in Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, does not have that level of splendor. However, I don’t think I could have constructed three better stories off the cusp that’s currently in the market.


My publisher may disagree, citing what I’ve started with the Transcendent Choice series. I do find myself caught on the verge of innovation and WTF did I just get myself into. What do they say? It’s all about the journey, right?



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