When a Komma Gets Cut (#BreakingNews)


Four score and seven years ago, a twisted mind came up a YA dark horror story, formulated by character names that sound like punctuation marks.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly four score and seven years ago. Hell it hasn’t even been seven years.

Enough of this horse play.

I tend to be the person that can be the most resistant to change. For me, if a formula has proven to work, I tend to stick with. Yet, this recent decision made by my publisher could personify change actually being good.

The literary world has changed, according to my publisher. It seems that reads, no matter how shoddy the quality is (I was tempted to use another word), are priced all over the place. They got to thinking why not up the game, since all parts of the organization have upped their game as well.

This means that some of the things that were free won’t be free anymore, and stuff that’s no longer free will cease to exist on Smashwords.

Therefore, Simi’s Komma will be on the Smashwords chopping block very soon. So, if you have been biding time on picking this up, don’t. It will be gone before you know it, like by next Saturday.

Stay tuned to my Twitter and other spots for more announcements and the link to get the story prior to its disappearance.



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