Where a Play on Words Can Lead You (#InsideMe)

Yo SASS is here. In case you are new to the spot, it stands for Slightly Anti-Social Socialite.

Usually I already know a little bit of what I want to write about. Today I’m going to wing it a bit for sometimes winging it can lead you in a destination you had no idea about.

That is how some stories can come about as well.

FlySkullDividerOne night I was feeling extraordinarily bored.

dark townThink Saturday night and everything, food places included, shut down by 10PM type bored.

waitingThink that “hottie who you got the phone number from that didn’t call my ass back” type bored.

imagesThink the “single guy who has friends that have girlfriends” type bored.

Babysitter-kidsEven the “sister that has to babysit because her other sisters need a break from the kids” bored.

You get the drift. I was THAT bored.

When I’m bored, I tend to do a bit of things that aren’t typical Da’Kharta behavior for my own amusement. One of those things is to look at pornos. To me, pornos are not sensual, sexy, or provocative. They are pure comedy because some of the stuff they say and do can induce dumbfoundness and outright laughter.

For me, it’s mainly the latter.

Okay, it’s totally the latter.

In this porno (No, I’m not going to tell you the name of it; my publisher would give me even more of a menacing look than I’m already getting), this chic kept saying one line over and over again. I kept thinking to myself, “How much more does she expect this guy to do?”

One money shot and multiple minutes later, my mind started to play with the very line the adult entertainer said in the “fake excitement, let’s get this scene over with” tone. That sentence marked the opener to this latest story, “Inside Me”:

I did not know if it was on purpose. For her to say that thing, in exactly that way. All I know was in that moment, those words were the most important on Earth. They were all that were left. Those syllables strung together to form a sentence that wiped out all else.

FlySkullDividerFor those who are deep into wanting to know a story’s word count, it is shorter than Vocal Remedy (and VR was pretty short). I even took a look at the story, gave it a few re-reads to ensure it still followed the typical Rising formula.

Side Note: It’s my own little recipe, and not sure if I should even reveal it. Folks might try to copycat, and oh, yeah, my publisher is watching too. Sorry guys—guess you’re out of luck.

All I know is that once you read the full story, you will never look at a certain set of words in quite the same way again.

poster2Coming July 14th


PS: Oh, before I go (because I didn’t forget) …

While you guys are waiting on “Inside Me”, grab “Simi’s Komma” while it is still #FREE. You only have until Saturday June 27th. Click the title to obtain.


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