The Case of the Accidental Multi-Genre Author

Yo, the SASS here. Today I want to address an assignment I was given by my mentor.

Write a blog post about what it felt like to become a multi-genre author. Although, sometimes one doesn’t plan it, or even not realize that it’s happened, it does. But, in retrospect, what was it like when you realized that you grew in that area. Into that area, rather. At first you were strictly one thing, and now you are 4.

Um what? First off, multi-genre? Second, I’m in four of them?

Then, she proceeded to break down which of the four genres I’d somehow tapped my way into.

  •  Horror
  • YA Horror
  • Dark Drama/Noire
  •  Paranormal Drama

skepticalI was like GTFOH! Was it really possible?

Then, I gave my works a deeper, more thorough read. It’s one thing to go through your work as the author but to actually partake of the material as a reader in a whole different arena.

You see, when I write something I don’t go into it saying, “I’m going to make sure that so-and-so is in this genre.” In my opinion, classification is more under marketing, so I try to pass it on (read: don’t want to deal with) that task to my publisher.

FlySkullDividerI figured I start from my oldest “Vocal Remedy” to my most recently released “Boundless Limits”.

“Vocal Remedy”—definitely had that bit of Horror flavor I was going for

“Simi’s Komma”—still horror but did teeter the balance on Young Adult more so than Adult

My stories in Continuous Drips

“Unrest”—Horror? Wait a minute! I did introduce something kind of paranormal. Paranormal Horror. So, technically that is still horror right?

“Omitted”—Well, it doesn’t look like horror quite fits. Nothing paranormal in there. Hmmm … guess this is Dark Drama, if anything.

“The Kutters”—I did struggle a bit with this one. It’s not gruesome per se, so horror is out. Not exactly paranormal, so that is out … give me one minute, let me double check with my publisher.

Now you are really pulling my leg? Psychological Fiction: that’s not even listed up there with the rest.

Now, the publisher is saying, “Guess you are in five genre classes instead of four.”

side eyesMy story in Concordant Vibrancy

“Coalesce”—The horror component definite is strong, so have to go with Psychological Horror.

Finally, “Boundless Limits”—We have Paranormal Drama.

FlySkullDividerSo, back to the question:

How do I feel about writing in the genres of Horror, Young Adult Horror, Dark Drama/Noire, Paranormal Drama and Psychological Fiction?

I know most people would feel thrilled and that it is their dream to do multiple genres. For me, I’m the type that came into this publishing world, being more than content if I could be the hotness in just one. I let the characters lead me where they will, even if it is in the absolute opposite direction I was trying to take them. Not all of them landed me in the House of Horror.

It’s not like I’m going to go back and try to make everything gory. At this stage, it is what it is.

In one sickle (aka on one hand), with my not being solely one genre, it puts the potential readers on alert because they don’t know what is coming from me next.

In the other sickle (aka on the other hand), I don’t want to be that writer who tackles too many genres and in the end, looks like a buffoon. Sort of like me venturing into romantic comedy—that would definitely be highly unlikely.

Unless it’s one where I end up killing one of the characters, then making a joke of it.

No that’d be dark comedy—never mind.

To sum it up, being an accidental multi-genre author feels exciting yet spooky.

Kind of like … well you get the picture.



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