Dissection: Crackles of the Heart (Divergent Ink)


Hello everyone! SASS here, taking a break from eating some leftover BBQ, potato salad and baked beans to blog about Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink. I opted to make this a family affair and invited the rest of the participants.

Side Note: They better not get too comfy … the Asylum is back on lockdown.

Anyway, to make things fun, I decided to ask each person three questions about their works but first Adonis Mann had some questions to ask me as it pertained to my submission.


I’ve come to admire and look forward to your stories for two reasons:

(1) The ease of narrative, and

(2) the hidden links. In order for a reader to get the full gist of one of your books, they’d have to read it several times as there is a high probability that they missed something the first time around. This is no exception with “Inside Me”.

Do you have a specific methodology when writing your stories?

Yes, I do but I think it will spoil the fun a bit if I reveal it. That is kind of like giving away the secret ingredient to an award winning recipe. Therefore, I will refrain.

Do you intentionally hide the maze of mystery inside the simplicity of your presentations?
Yes, um next question.

Are the hidden innuendos in “Inside Me” on purpose?
In one word, yes but that is with all of my stories.

Well, you didn’t ask for detail. *shrugs shoulders*


What is the premise behind “Tale in the Keys of Drastic”?
“Tale in the Keys of Drastic” is about a guy who seems willing to throw away his player ways to get with one particular female. This story answers the question as to whether she will accept his attempt or flat our refuse it.

Do you think other readers will be able to relate to any of the characters in this story?
I think a lot of women will be able to connect with the female being pursued and her thoughts in the work.

How is this story written differently from any of your stories, independently released or otherwise?
This is a bit of a throwback to my prose style  in Eclectic. Other than that, it is still like the rest in that it has that deliverance of a moral or message, if you will.


What is the premise behind “Mystical Nights”?
“Mystical Nights” is about a man who dreams of his perfect woman. Yet, is it really a dream, or is it really happening? I’ll let the reader decide. *wink*

In your mind, is this story on par or even a better story than others you’ve written so far? Give a bit more meat than the typical “yes” or “no”.
Hmm, I wholeheartedly love this story, yet I can’t say for sure if it’s better or not. I’d like to think that it is, but I’m the author so perhaps that is biased. I do know that there is some underlined mystery in this story that will keep the reader wondering. Also, the sexual aspect is also a bit more intense than some of my other works.

If it were up to me, I’d say yes. Yes, it is. Yet, the true judges would have to be the reading audience.

Was it a challenge to write this story, seeing that the scenario everyone had to write off of involved members of the opposite sex?
It was and it wasn’t. I know that comes across as a contradictory statement, but allow me to explain.

In order to produce the best story that I could, I thought of it as a same sex scenario, then changed the would be “he/his” to “she/hers”. That made the task a bit easier.


What is the premise behind “The Steam of Opposites”?
This premise ties into the overall theme of Crackles of the Heart. Can the handsome man fall for the plain girl? It is as simple as that. I wanted to explore whether or not that was a possibility and wanted to do so in a way that diverted from my usual approach to “romance” writing.

How did it feel to write your first steampunk piece?
It was an interesting undertaking, to be quite frank. I didn’t think I was going to be able to accomplish it. I surprised myself. I suppose what made it run smoothly was the fact that at its core, the story is more of a romance than anything.

Overall, are you satisfied with this work?
Truth be told, at first I wasn’t very happy with the outcome. However, by the time the entire process was complete–editing and all that–I was very happy with it. I surprised myself in producing a story that was relateable, sci-fi/steampunk, and a little bit funny, if I can say so myself.


What is the premise behind “Serendipitous Mirth”?
The premise is about a girl who has discovered that she is dying, and to boot, adopted. She’s in a dark place in her life, but oddly enough has to remind herself to be depressed. * giggling * In come a handsome stranger. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone.

In what ways do you relate to the female character in your work (if any)?
Funny, but I think I relate to her, Terah, very little. She and I aren’t really anything alike. I formulated her by the template of another person. I think that to a certain extent–though far fetched–I relate more to the male character, Haniel, than the female.

Is this story in alignment with your paranormal romance blueprint?
It is actually. As a matter of fact, it not only ties into the blueprint, but the world. When making the Fate’s Endeavor Series I created an entire world of my own. So, “Serendipitous Mirth” ties into the world of Fate’s Endeavor. For those whom have read “If Death Should Love Me” the connection will be obvious.


What is the premise behind “Seven Days of Stimuli”?
This story is a breakdown of what happens after a meeting between a hardworking woman store employee named Bette and a guy named Jesse who seems to be passing through, buying some items to prepare for a night of fun. Over the course of seven days, the reader sees what happens when two people can’t seem to get their minds off of each other.

What do you think readers will enjoy about this work the most?
Wow! Where do I begin? Well, for one it is a bit of comedy … okay, a lot of comedy! It’s not really erotic in nature–innuendos here and there, so that will be pleasing to a particular target audience. Also, everyone has an opinion as to what is considered handsome and what isn’t, so although Jesse may be the bees knees to Bette, the reader may think he’s the average guy, and vice versa. It’s a very endearing story, and I had loads of fun writing it, even more so than “Handy”.

In your blog, you have said that you want to establish yourself as a multi-genre author? Do you think this particular story solidifies that?
Although “Handy” started the push, “Seven Days of Stimuli” has definitely toppled me off the cliff. At first, I was marketed as strictly an LGBT erotic author, yet I’m a fan of the intimate experience. It doesn’t always have to be sex or lead to sex. I want my work to serve as extensions of my personality here and there, so although writing “Handy” did not feel weird to me, it did throw off people more used to “Simmer Sweet” or “Delectable Things”. Even if people aren’t fully convinced after “Seven Days of Stimuli”, wait until they see all the work I’m doing as it relates to Convoluted Prism. (slow grin)


Well, that’s all the time I have for now. It’s time for me to grab some ice cream. Until then, wait patiently (or impatiently) for Crackles of the Heart to come out July 14th.



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