Secret Irk (not Ink) Revealed

What’s cracking? The Slightly Anti-Social Socialite here. It’s Saturday night, and I don’t have much to really do, so I figured I would spend some time doing a random blog.

So, I am about to reveal an irk of mine’s that I’ve kept secret … up until now.

Before I reveal it, a little rewinding, if you will …


A while ago, the Graphic Design department of the Publishing House wanted to revamp everyone’s logos. Guess who was holding out for the longest time? (he he he) Finally, I lamented and I got adjusted to my new look. It still had all the colors I liked and what not, plus a few of the graphics that said me.

Just recently, it came time to revamp some of the banners. Quite a few people in the Publishing House had switched templates, except for me. Mainly because this design is perfect for me, and I don’t use perfect that often, if ever. However, the old banner had my old logo, so I approached them and was like, “Wouldn’t it make sense for my logo and banner to match?”

They agreed and went to work.

The first draft they sent me had two renditions. One had my logo and one didn’t. After looking them over, the placement of my new logo just looked a bit tacky.

Yet, there was something else that was eating away at me.

A certain word had to go.

So, after looking at the banner copy without my logo, I dished on the movement of the sickle, the AAPH seal and told the department, “Can you remove the word ‘author’ after ‘Rising’?”

I know you probably are like, “Well, Da’Kharta you have it on your logo.”

Yes, that is true but I use my logo in other spots besides here. I do incorporate it in some of my email signatures.

Oh, wait! I don’t really give my email address out but if you were to receive something from me, it’d would be in there to let people know I am an author.

On my own banner, on my own site, not so much. It seems a bit redundant. Anyone who has looked at the majority of my blog entries can see that I am an author.

Even if you are the type that doesn’t read a gang of blog posts, there are several tale tell signs.

1. The first thing you are hit with is language that specifies “Authorship”. Like that huge ass logo that says “All Authors Publishing House”. Or, the icon that says “Amazon Author Page”.

2. In the “About” section, I state that I am a writer.


In case you still haven’t figured out my irk, here it goes.

The word “author” being used after said author’s name.

Like this:

Synful Desire, Author

Note: I am using someone who I know won’t take this to heart, so it won’t do you any good to go back and tell the aforementioned that I’m having a little fun at her expense.

Moving On

To me, the word “author” represents a title. Similar to “Mr.” or “Mrs.” Anytime I see “author” placed at the end, it makes me scratch my head. You might as well be saying:

Synful Desire, Junior

See how it doesn’t sound as impressive?

However, if you are going to use the word “Author”, let’s try it in the front.

Like this:

Author Synful Desire

Now that just flows better. Plus, it eliminates the need for that pesky comma. Why should one have to pause before letting one know his or her job title? That is what the word author being used last screams at me, and that is why I don’t entertain that structure being used on my banner.

So for me, it’s either “Author Da’Kharta Rising” or just “Da’Kharta Rising”—never a comma, followed by the word “author”. It will save the Graphic Design department a lot of trouble for future banners.



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