To Lude or Not to Lude (featuring Synful Desire)


Yo! The Slightly Anti-Social Socialite here, coming off a swig of a strong substance (re: alcohol) to get back in the thick of delivering news from the Asylum.

In my experiences, I’ve seen authors put out a prelude after the core story or stories in a series have been written. With some, I understood and it helped me put together some of the pieces missing in the tales. Yet, for others, the presence of a prelude mostly aligned with my observations below.

(1) The author did not want to let the character(s) go.

(2) There were enough fans clamoring for details or a different spin on how the author originally had it written.

(3) The author has become so well known for a certain series that there’s trepidation if a work isn’t from said series that it won’t get looked at.

I could go on and on but I think you guys get the picture.


Anyway, one of my fellow writers Synful Desire just recently decided she wanted to do a prelude to her novel in progress Convoluted Prism. No, not just one prelude but multiple preludes. Since the previous experience was still fresh, I decided to kidnap her for a few moments to give me the skinny, with this following question:

I’ve seen authors put out a prelude after the core story or stories in a series have been written. Why have you opted to do things differently and does doing a prelude before your full novel is out prove to be easier or more difficult?


Da’Kharta you sure do know how to pick them! You sure you weren’t an investigative reporter in a past life?

Not too long ago, I read a blog post by another author in regards to prelude writing. She had already released two books in her series but decided to do a prelude to provide additional background that led to the launch of the series. It proved to be a bit of a challenge.

The best way to describe the presentation of Convoluted Prism:

  1. It is one part journal, since journaling is a part of the main character’s way of dealing with what is happening to her
  2. It is a blend of fiction and non-fiction. Some of the instances actually did happen in my life while others were either embellished or made up. There are characters that are based on people I knew and those which are made up just to move the story along or to build up extra conflict.
  3. There is a back and forth between the main character talking and the psychologist who is treating that character.

It was just recently that I decided that doing a prelude would be a good idea. As I was reading through what I had for Convoluted Prism, I recognized there were certain things which would need further explanation. Yet, because of the style in which Convoluted Prism is written (see above), a conclusion was reached: that the additional information would disrupt the flow of the book, and that more than one prelude would be needed, not just for the 1stConvoluted Prism but for the rest of the collection.

There is one prelude that has been finished (“Heat of This”) which gives more detail on a later part of the book. However, the one that I’m working on and have nearly finished is a reflection of how the main character arrived. It is called “Alan, Fay & Demona”.

Doing the preludes (at least with the 1st Convoluted Prism book) has been beneficial. Writing “Heat of This” gave me balance and actually assisted in what was needed for a portion ofConvoluted Prism. The composition of “Alan, Fay & Demona” gives a bit of how and why. Whether I will still feel that way as the rest of the books come into fruition is uncertain—I’m just chugging along with whatever works.


Chic, I know you have to get back to writing. Fist pound for stopping by.



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