#FREEStuff For Love & Enchantment by C. Desert Rose





The Amazon Rainforest holds more secrets than meets the eye.
When folklore meets reality the only outcome can be devastating and confusion.
Or can it?
Edeli is a curious and independent young woman. One who wants nothing more than to be set free in order to discover all that life has to offer.
Zavier, an Encantado demon, prince to his kind and transcendentally beguiling. He is a beautiful and enchanting creature, yet at his core, a hellion.

Discover if love can identify the essence of the heart apart from the chassis in which it is embodied in this short story spin off of the Fate’s Endeavor Series by C. Desert Rose.
Take an enigmatic and mesmerizing trip For Love and Enchantment.

The Fate’s Endeavor Series, surpassing the emotional fabric of angels and demons and delving into the delicate threads which infuse Fate’s tapestry.


Available For Free On:


But wait! That’s not it! Take a look at this Teaser Trailer of “Demoness Enchanted: Fate’s Endeavor Series Part 2“.


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