Where Punctuation is Disguised as a Transformer


Yo! I know I’ve been more of a Totally Anti-Social Socialite lately but some of the stuff I wanted to speak on had nothing to do with me as an author. So, I did something I normally don’t do—I shut what they called the “F” up. As you can see, it didn’t keep me from giving my support here and there, or doing a Roundtable.


How many of you go back and read what people have said about your writings, even if no one has reviewed it in a minute? I confess to doing it quite frequently. The observations that readers have made about my work have evoked emotions ranging from “hmm”, to “I didn’t see that”, and in some cases “are you sure you are talking about my stuff”.

One particular review I was highly impressed with because he was the only one that clearly pointed out that in Simi’s Komma (before it was temporarily retired for an upcoming re-launch… cough … hint … cough) each of my characters was named after punctuation marks. Yet, those of you already know that I tend to do things with a purpose.

What was the purpose?

Watch out! It’s time to open the gates of Heaven because enlightenment is coming through!

Or some such …

I was doing some reading and sighing in agitation. Yes, at the same time. Why? Because not only did the work bore the saliva out of my mouth, but it also looked the same as what is “trending” (*ugh*) in the literary world:

(1) The over usage of commas

(2) The under usage of periods

(3) Clamoring for exclamation points to be extinct (using dialog tags and extensive backdrop to substitute)

(4) The improper usage of semicolons and hyphens

Then, I got into Mad Scientist mode: If I could give my agitations personifications, how would they behave? Below were my hypotheses:

(1) The comma would be very popular and almost everyone would gravitate towards it, yet would be seen so much that some outsiders would grow to dislike it.

(2) The period would stay low key, all the while wanting the popularity of the comma.

(3) The exclamation point would jump in at the right time, not waiting around to ask any questions or second guess any conviction.

(4) The semicolon would be held in high regard—barely used but used with a purpose, while the hyphen would idle in the background, wondering when is the best time to strike.

From that foundation, I developed my characters, but did a bit of adjusting to the names so it wouldn’t stick out like Captain Obvious.

With the rest, I just let the characters do their thing and ta’da “Simi’s Komma” was born.

It’s all right. If I hadn’t written it, I wouldn’t have picked up on the punctuation thing either. Yet the fact that somebody out there picked up on it might mean that “someone gets me”.

Oh, never mind! That’s just wishful thinking.



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