The Face of Swagger? #NethanyelsLadyLune

What’s popping? The S.A.S.S. here, and I just not too long got finished popping some popcorn. Let me find something to wipe off my greasy fingers.

Okay that’s better.

So I was reading a certain story and there was this talk about this man who had incomparable “swagger”. Really? Oh really?


Because this swagger business was nettling me, I wanted to know what this author meant by said swagger. She decided to engage my randomness. Ladies, gentlemen and those in between, here’s Rosie.


Hi Da’Kharta! 😊

Hi Rose. What is Louisiana swagger in the 1940’s and what made Nethanyel the spokesperson for Swagger during that period?

“Swagger” has always been the same, although every generation has a name for it. People have called it many things from valiant, to chivalrous, to princely, to “cool”. Swagger is a perception and a perspective. Different people consider sex appeal to be different things.

In the case of Nethanyel, it’s a combination of things.

It is true that most people consider Louisiana to be the one place in the United States that embodies sex appeal. Of course, when you consider the rich history of Louisianan, it does make sense that Americans find it appealing in every which way and form.

I chose Nethanyel to be the conduit of that charisma.

So here are the reasons why:

First off, the Cajun accent is the shiznits. I mean, let’s let Rene from True Blood give us an example of that.

Secondly, with the melting pot that is the Louisiana culture, it stands to reason that somebody had to “have then best of it all”. In this story’s case, it was Nethanyel.


Nethanyel, the “Sultan” of “Swagger”

Thirdly, I don’t know about anyone else, and I can only speak for myself, but I find a strong quiet man incredibly sexy.

Fourth, when you add the culture to the time period, you’re more than likely to have a man that is at the top of his game in the swagger field. You see, in the 1940s men believed in chivalry, and treating a lady like a lady. They held true to the notions of being benevolent and kind. They knew that romancing a woman consisted of more than just giving her your number and asking for a “hookup”.

It is for those reasons that Nethanyel is my personal interpretation of “Louisiana Swagger in the 1940s”.

Alright, thank you Da’Kharta. Let me know if you need anything else.

No, I think I’ll finish eating my popcorn now.



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