Rising Thoughts: #Review on Nethanyel’s Lady Lune

Yo! S.A.S.S. is in the building. I tend to be a creature of habit but whenever I dare to crawl out of my usual habitat to dabble into something new, my payment is lifelong servitude.

Okay I was just kidding with that final bit, but at least it got your attention. While you’re here, the least you can do is check out the rare times I do a review.


You guys know I don’t do “mush”  but with someone whose catch phrase is “Happily ever after is subjective” there has to be some twists and turns along the way. Perhaps this could feed my inner “emotional train wrecks make me smirk” beast.

With my tummy growling for some chaos, I dove in.

At first glance, there’s this guy called Nethanyel—from what I could pick up on, playboy status, who is going ga-ga over a round object, and I’m not talking about T or A, but the moon.  For those of you who are struggling to catch up on the lingo …

“Playboy status”: A guy that can just give a look or has an accent so smooth that panties get wet on demand

“T”: rhymes with “kitties”

“A”: just subtract the first S from S.A.S.S.

Get the picture? Even if you don’t, let’s move on with the review.


At the introduction, I’m thinking, “What type of pimp is getting worked up over the moon?” My curiosity stomped out my first inkling in putting the read down, because I wanted to find out whether he was high off some old school opiates or if he was drunk.

I went from confusion to doing something that is way out of character for me—I laughed like a school girl. The way that Jax and Nate (which I’m abbreviating because no one has time to write out that long ass name) would go at it was borderline slapstick. Plus, it became clear that Nate got his trousers in a swell over some woman that he couldn’t have. Well, that makes a bit more sense, so I suppose Nate can get his cool points back.

When Rona finally gets introduced to the story, it reminded me of a movie I saw—believe the name of it is Nell—trying to get her civilized enough to converse in the time that she’s in. There may be some people who may give this some side eye, particularly since this chic is supposed to be the offspring of the Moon goddess and Water god. Yet, in my math, it would be like me being in cryostasis for centuries and then brought back to life. I’m not going to automatically know the lingo, so it would be like going back to kindergarten and learning your ABC’s over again. Makes perfect sense to me.

Sadly, my emotional train wreck never left the station. The comedy bus did instead. However, this didn’t keep it from being a story that held my interest. One component that didn’t get showcased to my satisfaction was a deeper look into Baton Rouge, Louisiana as well as New Zealand. I don’t get out much so I have to live vicariously through stories and what not. I wouldn’t have minded some gush and fluff about those two areas, particularly New Zealand, which sounds like my type of spot. Plus, some further indulgence in this moon and water business would not have harmed the story either.

Okay, so we have …

  • Some “vanilla” love—if you like that kind of thing
  • Mixture of folklore, god stuff, and history—if that floats your boat
  • Louisiana swagger and Geek awkwardness in the 1940’s—with Nate and Jax

Overall, it is a quick, intriguing and entertaining read—giving you just enough of a full story without getting obsessive with the detailed mechanics of archaeology and the like. This rings very fulfilling for a chic like me: aka definite fist pound.

Side Note: I do wish rating scales would do quarter stars because technically, it is a 4.25 stars, but since most do not, I’m going to have to roll with 4 Stars as my final verdict. #DamnRules



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