The Anti-Interview: Life-O-Suction Blog Tour

What’s crackling! The S.A.S.S. here, still celebrating my latest release called S.K.A.R. which is of a dark controversial nature. My guest is also coming out with some controversial work but of a poetic nature.

Therefore, I removed the nacho chips from the couch and tidied up a bit so we could sit a spell. Queen, welcome to the Asylum.


Thanks. Glad you can make some time for me.

Yo Queen, I know you have been interviewed to death. Therefore I won’t be asking you anything in regards to anything typical. I’ve come up with something a bit more challenging, and I hear that you are at your best when you rise to challenges.

So here are my series of questions:

Who is Queen of Spades? Is she really quite different from your government identity?

Well, at first, Queen of Spades was definitely separate. In my younger years, I did go through a bit of trauma and I didn’t have an outlet, except my writing. For me, in those days, Queen of Spades was a type of freedom—a way to put down my feelings without having to censor them or get caught up in repercussion. She also represented a quiet strength, a resolve, a determination: things I believed for the longest that my “govt.” if you will, lacked. Over the years, and because of how long I’ve been in different writing circles—Monica is Queen and Queen is Monica. In the present, we are now fused together, but perhaps we always have been and I was the one who put the separation in, due to not recognizing my own power in the beginning.

What is one theory on the development of your pseudonym that makes you mad or makes you cringe?

The biggest one is that I called myself Queen of Spades because I like playing cards so much. I don’t get mad, but I do cringe.

Since you have written so many things, I’m going to pick out a few and ask what traits of your writing you felt shone the most and why.

ros(a) Reflections of Soul: My ability to be inspired by another person’s work and mingle it with my own emotions. As far as the why, I think it was because it was half inspiration and half closure, since it was hugely based on a sadness I struggled to get over.

(b) Eclectic: Experimentation, most definitely. This is the poetry collection I had the most fun with. It took me back to when I would write senryus and when I would just freestyle proses. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I put this collection together.

(c) Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations: My ability to seem calm yet scathing at the same time, along with cussing without apology … lol. Seriously, there is a part of me that is quite the advocate and revolutionary and doesn’t want to be nice. Spaded Truths is where I can “show out”, as my late grandpa would put it.

ppain(d) Private Pain: Daring to be soulfully naked in front of the world and to get empowerment through that testimony. Getting to the why of this was difficult because I did battle whether to revamp it. Yet, by the time I decided to revamp it, many years had passed and my thought processes had evolved. This collection was the one that received the most extensive overhaul. It was also the one that frightened me the most to put back out there. The reward for me—although it was great that it became a Best Seller—was that it touched lives and was able to help people.

(e) Afro Shock: To dabble in an area that is beyond contemporary fiction. I can’t really explain why the extra component was added but I just went with the flow of inspiration and that is where it took me.

mbg(f) Mr. Bradley’s Garden: Being able to show tribute through the art of storytelling. You see, Mr. Bradley’s Garden was a small homage to my late grandfather and I wanted his giving nature to be solidified, even if it was through a short story.

(g) The Authentic Snap: The power of introspection and hindsight, I believe, can be the catalyst for many stories. The Authentic Snap just happened to be one of them and seem to fit for the short story anthology that I submitted it for.

(h) Tale in the Keys of Drastic: Music can move the writing mojo. I know it appears silly but in my mind, I kept thinking about “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson and how he’d always be the one trying to get the girl. That persistence moonwalked its way into “Tale”.

Rumor has it that you are working on a potential novel. Do you wish to address the validity of said rumor?

The rumor is valid but I’m in no hurry. I am pacing myself to make sure that I’m putting out the best product possible. I won’t be quoting an estimated release date either. Just be content with the knowledge that it does exist.

Thanks for your time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more chips and dips to buy.



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