Genre Ish #FansWannaKnow

Yo! S.A.S.S. here, peeking out of my cave to answer a fan question that was sent to me via e-mail.

Had you ever considered writing in a genre that is outside of your comfort level? If so, what was it and why? If not, why not?


This question is a bit tricky because I almost want to say to this person, “Um, what do you think Boundless Limits was?”

However, if one wants to be technical, Boundless Limits started out one way but added elements morphed it into something else. So I can put BL down as accidental, although all of the other books in the Transcendent Choice series have to stay in the accidental travel I started it on.

Um … let me approach this differently and take the TC series out of the equation.

No, I’m not one of those people who will attempt something like historical fiction, science fiction, or chic lit. Even if I did the research, I don’t think I can deliver it in a way to where someone can give a nod and be like, “That Da’Kharta knows what she’s talking about.” I can give shout outs and fist pounds to those who rises to challenges but I’m just not that chic.

Just know that anything that is outside of horror or dark drama was (and is) purely an accident.



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