This Year Ish: #2015IsGone


What’s baking? It better be some apple pie to have me come out of hibernation like this!

Well, my publisher has mandated that I do some type of Year in Review or some such nonsense. I suppose … not that I have a choice … that I will play along. In my not so humble opinion, Year in Reviews are nothing more than to pump up one’s ego (if you did a lot of shit), berate yourself utterly (if you didn’t do shit), and promise yourself and the world that you’re going to do more shit that makes you feel like you’re the shit.

I don’t care about any of that shit.

Okay, I have reached my s word quota for this post. I will carry on using a new cuss word.

Or … as my publisher gives me the skanky eye, I can deliver this post in a less inflammatory manner.

I’ll do my best but no promises. You knew that when you took me on.


So what was I up to this year?

I started up a Roundtable Thing. Originally, I wanted to do it every month—focusing on things that made my back side itch as it pertained to the author and reader communities alike. Then, I was like “Why waste all of this good ink every month?” So, for preservation, and to keep from always having to poke my head out, I toned it down to every two months, starting this past October.


I opened my Asylum to others during National Short Story Month in May. You think following the rules would be simple, and to even make it easier, I filtered everything through my publisher. Had everything on point: down to the dates. I take no excuses. If you snooze, you lose because I don’t have to open up my spot to anyone. I was just taking the “anti” off the “social” temporarily for a good cause.

Yet, humans are as humans do, and a few humans didn’t follow instructions. So those humans missed out on spotlight. If it were a real life situation, a person could be dead off these idiots’ bull … well, you get the picture.

Needless to say, a situation that was a failure to follow protocol resulted in someone getting excessively emo. Seriously, a whole “f this, I’m done” type fiasco.

So not sure if I’m going to unlock my Asylum for this coming May—as it stands, I’m on that “Nope, nope, hell no!”

Something I wrote got put in All Authors Magazine. Issue 12: The Spooks of Imagination. I couldn’t walk away from a title like that. Also, it’s free and you can get a copy from the All Authors Magazine online website. Or, if the site just happens to be locked (it does that when it’s doing a live issue switch) then you can contact my publisher.

Speaking of FREE, my Smashwords catalog is a bit bare. Reason being that the company is going in a different direction—where works that are greater than a certain word count receive a price point and moved to Amazon. One of my works that used to be on Smashwords “Simi’s Komma” is no longer on there but I’m not too mad because it made room for S.K.A.R. Who knew it would be over 10,000 by the time all was said and done? Yet, it leaves “Vocal Remedy” on its lonesome.

In my past torture session (read: Mentoring Meeting), I said that it made no sense for people to have to sign up just to be able to download something they’re getting free. Like, why can’t I have a link to the type of file directly on my site? You don’t have to sign up for my site—just click “Ink” and then go to the title and what not. From what I hear, they are working on it. If all goes well, then in the future, you guys will be able to get my freebies here without a whole lot of that extra hassle. It makes me understand how frustrated people get when trying to see a movie online but have to sign up before one gets access—um, not that I’m encouraging that type of activity, just making a comparison.

Yeah, I know this YIR is not in any type of order. Sorry, you are just going to have to make due—consider this a scenic route.


According to my publisher and others, I became a multi-genre writer with Boundless Limits. Trust me: that mess was by accident. Certain stuff is in my head and I just put it on paper. I don’t do all that genre labeling, although I do like it when people die, if there is a box for that, I’ll stay in that one all day. Even in anthologies I’ve been a part of, I could never resist the urge to generate an unfortunate event.

Well, one anthology I missed the boat on was the 2nd installment of Concordant Vibrancy. I don’t want you guys to protest and not pick it up because Anti-Social Me will not make an appearance.


Yet I have to give the gossip hounds some bones as to the reason, which is something like this—I dig working with authors who are in alignment with my writing caliber; if I believe that those authors are not, then I’m not the type who wants to work with those people—even if I’m cool with the rest of the squad. Therefore, when the time arrived, I had to take a pass. That’s all I’m going to say in regards to that.

Before I close, I do have a New Year’s Resolution and that is—to keep being me as much as I can.

What did you expect? It guarantees that it’ll never been broken.

Think I’ve served enough penance—time to go back inside the cave.



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