One Most Likely #FatesEndeavorFun


Yo, Asylum Guests, Gatekeepers and Visitors. You are witnessing a first time event, a game show of sorts called One Most Likely. The responses to the questions (or scenarios, if that floats your boat) will be answered by those featured in books related to the Fate’s Endeavor Series by C. Desert Rose—either “If Death Should Love Me” or the newest installment “Demoness Enchanted”.

In addition, just so none of us gets lost, we also invited the author of the series to fill in what book said character is from and a tiny description related to the character’s appearance, function or both.

Scenario I

A mad man holding a machete jumps out of the bushes. Which one would most likely stare at him while screaming in horror?

Frankie: ME! Um … hold on. * scratching my throat * No, not me.

So … sup?

Frankie the little brother of the heroine in “If Death Should Love Me”. He’s a bit kooky, incredibly loud and totally entertaining. Frankie encompasses the annoying little brother that everyone loves to hate.

Scenario II

I give one of my Asylum Gatekeepers the night off. Which one would most likely jump at the chance to offer mental, physical or emotional stimulation?

Tievel: My body tingles at the prospect of entangling myself with such delight. First, I would sing them into a trace that would allow me to manipulate their every thought. Then, slowly but surely, I would “stimulate” each fragment of their being, until they’ve come undone with torment.

Tievel is Zita’s, the heroine of “Demoness Enchanted”, grandfather. His name is Hebrew for “evil” so you can just imagine the foulness of his existence.

Scenario III

I want to produce a catchy tune for the inmates. Which one would most likely come up with a pleasing melody?

Zita: I would! I quite like music. As a matter of fact, music is what defines my existence. Suffice it to say that I could lull even the most angry of souls with my song. Then again, I could also destroy them with it.

Zita is the main character of “Demoness Enchanted”. She is the only Encantadora in existence and her powers are unique to her as, not only can she sing to aestheticize the mind, but she can wail to destroy.

Scenario IV

Two individuals cry to be saved but only one can live so “life as one knows it” can continue. Which one would most likely NOT be willing to sacrifice for the cause?

Gabriel: Sacrifice? I know not the meaning of the word. Furthermore, mortals need not survive, for they are the feces which soils the face of this planet. Pfff … sacrifice. I scoff at such a ludicrous rumination.

Gabriel is certainly not everyone’s favorite archangel. He lives in “If Death Should Love Me” and is by no means the lovely being that humanity has painted him out to be.

Scenario V

An associate of mine is feeling especially moody. Which one would most likely turn the frown slightly upside down? (What can I say? The dude hates smiling.)

Roman: Um, I guess that might be me. But, maybe not, I don’t know. I can try, I think. Shoot, I don’t know. Maybe the dude just needs to get over it.

Roman is just your average, everyday American kid. He is part of “Demoness Enchanted”. He isn’t really THAT egocentric, but sometimes he can’t help himself.

Scenario VI

A writer in my very small circle is overtaken by an onslaught of crappy reviews.  Which one would most likely revamp the book to become a best seller?

Sophia: Okay, okay. I’m gonna have to jump on in here. I think that’d be me. I can’t help it. Imma sap. I just don’t like people being unhappy, what can I say? *shrugs*

Sophia is the main character of “If Death Should Love Me”. She has a big heart and nervous personality that everyone loves. She’s stronger than she realizes and more giving than anyone around her.

All right. As Porky Pig would say but I’ll say with less stutter “That’s All Folks”. Oh, and don’t forget to cop If Death Should Love Me and Demoness Enchanted when it comes out February 26th.



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