February Roundtable

What’s baking? I’m a fan of Apple Pie myself. The SASS here, treating everyone to a Round Table before we say adios to the Leap Day. However, I’m going to let everyone else talk because I don’t tend to do the “L” word (if you get my drift).

So for all of the “L” birds, here is the Round Table Question:

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How do you like your love served? Happily ever after, always … inspirational … realistic … bittersweet … none of these?


Hello Da’Kharta,

Well, my catchphrase wouldn’t be “happily ever after is subjective” if I didn’t believe just that. That is to say, I prefer my “love served real”. So, in laymen terms, I like it realistic.
I love fiction, but there is nothing more fulfilling to me than a fictional story with a realistic ending, whatever that ending might be. I just live off of the emotions that a realistic ending provides. Some make you cry, others, laugh, and still others, angry. But for every emotion provoked there is a sense of completion because it was as real as possible.

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When it comes to love stories, I’m a softie when it comes to happily ever after. I love reading about couples, who overcome the obstacles to be together and at the end, I want them to have the happy ending they deserve.


Good day and greetings.

This is a wonderful question, Da’Kharta. Thank you for asking it.

I would have to agree with Rose in saying that I prefer my romance realistic.
I once heard our Publisher say that the best fiction is based on nonfiction. I do believe that that is the most accurate example I’d ever heard. You see, if the reader can associate with the story in some way than the story becomes credible; the more plausible the story the more enjoyable it is. While deep down inside most people love the “happily ever after” ending, I do think that a person would be more inclined to have a larger degree of respect for a story that is true to its origin and premise no matter what that might be.

Thank you, again, for having me. Cheers.


I lean a bit more towards a read that promotes everlasting love, that demonstrates the test of endurance if you will. To me, it sends the message, “If they can achieve this feat, perhaps there is a future for little old me.”


Hello Da’Kharta, everyone. *tipping my hat*

Contrary to popular belief, I am fond of the enduring love ending of a story. Even in my own romantic story, while sort of emotional, the ending did attest to enduring love.
What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending. Although, I’d be lying if I said that I would expect every book to finish happily. That wouldn’t make any sense, of course.
Yet there is something very effectual and rewarding in a story that celebrates the perseverance of love.

Thanks for having me!


Hello everybody, let’s talk!

I do confess to gushing over the non-conventional, with doses of humor thrown in to lead to the happily ever after. Satisfies the hopeless romantic in me, so to speak.


Fist pounds to Synful Desire, Y. Correa, Queen of Spades, Adonis Mann, Carol Cassada, and C. Desert Rose for spending a bit of time in the Asylum.


In case you didn’t get the memo, the Round Tables are every two months. If you want to chime in on April’s question, I’m putting out an open call on Facebook (#shocker) from today until March 30th.


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